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Iv just come across this forum,I'm seeking any support or advice on tramadol withdrawal n lyrica. I'm currently on both and pretty scared of coming off them as I know what is to come. I have 22month old and I know I must try for her sake,will be grateful for any feedback
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Are you able to taper without 'cheating' so to speak? Can anyone hold your meds and give them to you by tapering slowly. Lyrica is renown for being quite a tough one so I'd say taper very slow over months (depending on what your current dose is) and tramadol too must be a slow taper. You could start to reduce the lyrica but start tapering the tramadol properly and then tapering the lyrica (I believe lyrica may take a bit more time and discomfort than the trams but that's just my personal opinion). How much do you take how often and since how long? If u don't mind me asking :) lola xxx
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Oh my. I do feel your pain. Lyrica is very tough and the side effects last awhile, but so do tramadol. I would have someone help control the meds, not to imply weakness. But those two are hard. Look up the Thomas recipe: vitamins, l-tyrosine, potassium, Clonidine from the doctor for anxiety and sleep.
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I don't have any experience with lyrica but I do however have a love hate relationship with tramadol so I know what you are going through with it. I stopped after a quick taper not long ago. It was very hard. I ended up having to see a psychiatrist after I developed sone depression and anxiety. I am now on an antidepressant and neurontin for anxiety. It's not easy but I get better and better everyday. The struggle is real and you have to find the strenghth within to say no more. It's worth it in the end!! You can do this!
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how much tramadol are you taking?
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