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tramadol addition

Im trying 2 quit tramadol addiction cold turkey. I've had seizures from taking too much of this medication already and am taking dilantin for that, because i didnt have the guts 2 be honest that it was from the tramadol. I quit taking it for a couple of months before thanks 2 suboxin (however u spell it). Then i relapsed. I've been back on it for about 2 months. I took my last tramadol on Friday, now its Monday. Haven't had 2 bad of w/d symptoms. But I do feel it getting worse. Should I start tapering off or continue the cold turkey? I've read that cold turkey is dangerous. But, I've  already made it this far... what should I do??? Please help me. And if i taper off, how should I start? I was taking 15-20 pills a day. Again, please help me!!! Thank you.

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You especially need to be careful with your plan considering tramadol has caused seizures for you in the past. There is a synergistic depressant effect from tramadol and dilantin by the way - not good when the practitioner didn't know about the high amount of tramadol use. Can be deadly. I would really urge you to take the advice of talking to a physician and be honest... better to bite the bullet and be honest than dead.
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