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tramadol make you high?

HI Everyone,
It has been a very long time since I've talked to anyone. A quick update, I am down to 1/2 tablet of Suboxon and doing fantastic. Its been 9 months now and feel like I am in cruise control doing well.

My wife has been having serious headaches lately and the doctor prescribed her Tramadol. Can anyone tell me if Tramadol makes you high like Vicodin? I do not want my wife taking it if it does. She seems to have taken a liking to Vicodin. Once I got my addiction under control, its as if she wanted to start vicodin on a regular basis. I can't explain why, I just know that she seems to have like it and that is why she has asked the doctor for a non narcotic. But, I read that Tramadol is addicting. Is it because it makes you high? Can anyone help me on this?
Thanks a bunch!
Mike in Michigan.
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hi mike, it has been awhile.  good to hear your update.  as far as the trams go, i am not sure about the high, i do know they have an anti depressant effect.  and they are super addictive with worse w/ds than the hydros.  you have to taper off them due to the risk of seizures.  this was avisgs DOC and she has alot of info on them n her journal...send her a note and she will tell you if they made her feel high.  good luck
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yes it cause euphoria. It is highly addicting the wd coming off of it are nasty .I would strongly suggest she is very carful with it if she has any addiction issues this is not a good choice .
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lol i told you avisg would know.  we must have been typing at the same time.
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Lot of confusion about the trams even from the Doctors. Many Docs seem to think they arent addicting. And those same Docs will tell you they dont make you high either. They do a lot more than people know. Unfortunately by the time someone gets clued in to the real deal its too late.....and then its a really nasty picture. Make you wish you had a solid heroin habit instead.....
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They are basically doctors trained and then the pharmaceticuoal copomanies push there produt on doctors claiming it is the" best".who knows if (pharmaceitocal companies trying to make large profits) at the deaths of our loved lones.  I am not bashing doctors but i belivive in continuing education and ptrovding the very bestmedices world wild,  No one knows your body better than self, so please Dr.s don't rush us out, Liisten to our concerns and lets together wiyh the  ssfest and cheapest and best of all cures,  I f anyone is wondefing why i feel this way my mothe died over ovarian cancer, grandma, lung cancer,great aunt ovarian cance, rand grt granma stomach cancer,  I am pretty resoresful as i did researh on these cancers.  I i mayu help enail me ***@**** ty kindly and i am sorry for all your heaoth issues.
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yes Tramadol can cause euphoria in some patients , it acts on serotonin, among other things: http://buy-tramadol-ultram-online.com/tramadol-high
start with a low dose and see how you react before upping the dose.
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