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tramadol withdraw

I have been on this crap for 2+ years and am finally going to do it.  I am quiting and am scared to death, at one time I was taking 20 50mg tabs a day.  I also had a seizure on vacation last year.  I need to know if there is anything I can get OTC to help.  I have sleepaids and I have Advil, anything else???
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hi lydia...welcome. Look on the upper right of the page for health pages. In there you will find the thoms recipe and amino acid protocol. Most folks swear by them. I was already 4 days into w/d when i found this site, so i didn't use it. I did start soem vits. tho. Good luck to you and keep posting here. it really helps.
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I am withdrawaling from Vicodin which is different.  But from reading on here I have seen that you should not CT from Ultra/Tramadol.  That can make you have seizures too.  I am sure someone will be along soon with more info.  Please do not just stop taking them all together just yet. Good Luck on your journey!
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