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trammodol 50 mg every 4 hours

I have been going through w/d from usinf Hydrocodone for six months.  My dr, gave me trammodol today and said it should not be as addictive.  I feel really bad still. should I take it or not.?  It is for a back condition
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No, do not take Tramadol.  Unless you want to make your withdrawals worse and prolonged.  I use to have an addiction to hydrocodone.  Once took 40 Norco in 14 hours.  And I can tell you Tramadol is Far more dangerous to get involved with!  The withdrawals are worse than Heroin, many many people have said.  I have had withdrawals from Methadone, and I can tell you Tramadol is just as bad.  Tramadol is bad news, not to start is the best idea!  I'd rather withdrawal from hydrocodone, it is a picnic compared to coming off Tramadol!
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I am in the process of quitting Tramadol now!  13 Sep I was at 13 per day, and today was my first day at 6.  It's taken over a month for me to drop 7 pills per day.  And my withdrawals will be worse than any withdrawals anyone has ever had from hydrocodones ever, when I jump off 100%!  That's guaranteed!  Tramadol are very very dangerous!  Just don't start!
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PLEASE do not start taking Tramadol as an alternate for hydro, read my post your doing as I did....now Im suffering from withdrawals off that **** AKA Tramadol...message me if you have any questions.
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everyone is right. don't take them. i'm trying to get off of them now and it's the hardest thing i've ever done. it's not worth it. i am a cancer survivor and have chronic pain. thats why i take them. i'd rather live with this pain then be addicted to this drug anymore. so, please don't take them. i regret getting on them every day but i'm having a hard time making it thru the withdrawals to get off.
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they never have ht my pleasure button and i am not the type to take a hand full of pills...but i know these things are dangerous...i learned thru this forum and watching a friend go down on them....i can take them or leave them..she can not...we quit hydros together...now she has this devil to deal with and dont think she will anytime soon...she will talk to me about it when she runs out..which is often and she is very depressed..as a rule she doesnt let me know..but i know...and i have refills for them/actually have them here...and she was withdrawing from them/scrip ran short.. and came over to do yoga..she told me not to give her any which i would not have anyway...the next day she asked me to refill my scrip..I said no that i was wrong and had no refills....such a mess between friends
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