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So the doc says its nonaddictive and used to treat insomnia, I bid you all goodnight. I hope.
   My family doctor tried to put me on subs. I quickly refused. Hopefully I sleep for 16 hrs, no work tomorrow!!!!!
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I was prescribed these also for sleep during my detox and they did nothing, even at a very high dose.

Happy sleep to you!
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I have tried them before to. They are non addictive but they made me feel really weird I would wake up n be like not sure if I was really awake or dreaming and gave me terrible bad dreams to. My dad takes them to tho and says they work really good for him n helps him sleep n makes his mind not race so hopefully they work good for you to.

Good Luck and Godspeed
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Just finished researching Trazadone as my hubby's dr just prescribed it two days ago.
It is an antidepressant but also used ALOT for sleep.  Not just the GETTING to sleep, but the STAYING asleep.
My hubby is not an addict; he's tried everything in the book natural and sleep aide wise and still doesn't sleep more than 4 hrs consecutively.
He has had sleep apnea test, etc.  Bottom line is he can go to sleep....
just doesn't stay there longer than 4 hrs.  NOT good.  Your body needs the deep REM sleep; needs to restore itself and not sleeping 6-8 hrs can affect your heart, b/p, metabolism and lots of other bodily functions.
He is going to try Trazadone......even tho he has kidney disease stage 3.
I have asked some questions of his dr about this and didn't get a satisfactory answer.  We're gonna educate ourselves and do what we think is best and safest.  They started him on 100 mg at bedtime.

Because it is an antidepressant, you may not feel any benefits from it right away.....needs to build in your brain chemistry.
Good luck and sweet dreams~~
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should i say good morning?
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Didn't work at all. :(  oh well guess I will take 2 tonight. Probably need to research a little more before I do. They are 100 mgs, anybody know what a normal dose is?
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That didn't work for me either.
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Initial dose is a standard of 150mg, never to exceed 600mg in outpatient use. Trazadone is an antidepressant, I found that hypnotics, like lunesta, worked better for methadone insomnia. And those would only work for 4-6 hours for one night. I felt like I built an instant tolerance to any sleep aid. I had to go without sleep for 3 days to try it again. I tried Tylenol PM, melatonin, etc.., but the hypnotics where the only thing that put me in a state or unconsciousness. I'm not sure if I was actually sleeping, but I stopped hallucinating after I would take the lunesta. I finally started sleeping better between 18 and 21 days. Hope you get some rest soon.
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Good way to put it...a state of unconsciousness.  To me the hypnotics like ambien put me in a state of sleep similar to when you have surgery.   I always feel like I slept great but been told I was still tossing and turning alot.   Hey, at least it helped me sleep.    The Trazadone didn't do a thing for me either.  Melatonin does help some.  
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Please re-read what has been shared.  You WON'T have immediate relief from Trazadone because it is an antidepressant and MUST BUILD UP in your brain's chemistry before you will notice a difference.
It isn't a "quick fix" medication.
Taking two won't help...taking the prescribed dosage over a week or two should build up and maybe, then, yield a difference.
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Good point clean, I forgot to reiterate that. Trazadone also has been known to cause depression, especially in people who aren't taking it for depression. No antidepressant is a quick fix, for that matter, I'm not sure there is such thing as a quick fix. As it is shared time and time again around here, time is our best friend. Time heals all things.
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I can tell u my experience with them.They worked great for me to sleep.I started only taking25mg that helped2make me tired n like an hour but w/n a few days it wasnt helpin nearly as quickly(mind u that is a very small dose)I took50mg slept18freakin hours straight.That was clearly too much.Once u take them for a week or two the anti depressant/the meds do start to build up n ur system and u will wake up feeling refreshed(not tired like I was for an hour or two when I1st started taking them.I did stop taking them w/n a month.I still have a couple bottles actually.I will take them occasionally if I dnt have an OTC p.m. med&cnt sleep.The only thing is they either knock me out. completely or they dnt seem to work thts when I will take another25mg then I sleep for too long so I dnt do that.I think to get the best results find what mg puts u to sleep but doesnt make u sleep too long lol.I know for me sleeping16+hrs straight a couple times from50mg worriied me cause I have a little guy&he was worried so remember try otc meds(try the new nyquil thats just for sleep)if the trazadone isnt for u.Just sharing my experience though as I didnt read all the posts but I will now.
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Just read ur most recent post.For me I was taking whats considered a very small dose.So if u took1-100mg try1&1/2 instead of2if u dnt feel sleepy after an hour take another half.U dnt wanna do what i did and sleep16hrs on accident lol.Its odd to me that I was able to take10-15lortab10's a day,8mg xanax,3-4soma etc and yet Ive got a very low tolerance for sleep aids.Ambien scares me and other meds like that.I saw some1said u wnt feel the effects immediately well as far as sleep goes u will if u fibd the correct does(I was taking the100mg pills breaking them n2 4peices but my mom for example takes200-300mg if she cant sleep then sleeps8-9hrs of sleep she is fine(but cnt take more than5-10mg of lortab she is prescribed w/o getting sick).Everyones different.The part if the anti depressa.t element well that takes a couple weeks but it does help.Ive known a lot of people who take these and have never had any depression affects so if u do contaact ur dr.
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Trazadone does not work for me either, I'm gonna keep taking it though. For example, last night I took one about 2 pm, couldn't even tell. I laid here tossing and turning all afternoon then took another about 6pm. That's 200 mgs, I finally went to sleep about 8 woke up at 11 and was up the rest of the night. I actually took another at 2 am, finally got another hour at 6 am. I am actually starting to accept it. I mean the only thing it can do is get better right?
    I realized I had posted on a roll call 29 days clean I don't know what I was thinking its been 39!!! So a little over a month since my last day of 90 mgs. From what I've read on this incredibly helpful site(you guys are great) I can't think gnarly, Weaver, and atthebeach enough. There's more of you than just the 3, but you 3 really stood put to me. You guys are helping people with no reward, I think that's just wonderful. Keep up the good work its not unnoticed!!! ;)
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