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treatment of drug addiction

Respected sir/madam,
                    my brother vipin kumar got addiction to fortwin injection, he is addicted for about 6yrs his age is 27yrs. He wants to get rid of but failing. He want to be treated. In what way it can be possible. We belongs to India.  If you want some more information let me know I will mail you again.Please help him sir.If you yourself can't give treatment please let me know the other sources in India itself.
                                     hopefully yours
                                      sachin kumar
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i am  sure there are N.A. and AA meetings in india , the  people who attend those meetings ,would have the most information about getting your brother some help, and where to get it.
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I found this link for drug rehabilitation centers in India on the internet. I have no idea what city you live in, and I know India is a very large country. If these centers are not close enough I'm sure they can help you find one that is. There is help out there. Good Luck to your brother. He is lucky to have you looking out for him.


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What is fortwin?  Maybe the name is indigenous to the locale.
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Pentazocine, known here as Talwin.

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Thanks Jafco, I had not heard it called that before now.  Talwin can be just as difficult to withdraw from if he has a 6 year addiction.  The sites you gave him hopefully will help.  You are a godsend.

Santoo,  if you can, stand by your brother.  He will need you.  Find a clinic and see if they can give him something to detox on other than nothing at all.  He will have diarrhea and pain like never before, but he can make it.  The best thing for me when I went through withdrawls was the support of my family.  Good blood building food and their company sure helped once I could eat.  Good Luck
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I've posted here over the last 2 years or so and stop by for suppport every now and then.  Just wanted to say I am officially 5 days clean and feel great.  I tappered myself off a 150-200 hydro habit over the last 6 weeks.  Hard part starts now. As I look back on the addiction and the control it had over me, I'm just amazed, embarrassed, ashamed and thankful to be thinking clear again.  Keep the faith out there, you can do it if you want. I'll continue to read here for support to stay clean.  
Take care all,
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