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trying to not be fooled

My boyfriend is a oxycodone\oxycotton addict.He has been trying to get clean for about a year now. Although he does not have a perscription he will use saboxin to ween himself off oxy following his bi-weekly relapse. I drug tested him the other day which tested positive for oxycotton. He claims that the test reads positive only because of his abuse of soboxin, not oxycotton.Is this even possible ? The drug test specifically tests for oxy and while saboxin has similiar ingredients is it enough to show positive for oxy if one relly had only used saboxin?? Please help
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I'm not sure but this will bump your post back up to the top.someone will come a long who knows more then me...Hang in there.....Kim
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Suboxone will not show up on your standard drug tests for opiates, atleast to my knowledge. More than likely he's using the oxycontin/percocet and when he runs out is using the sub to get through those days. From my own experience when I was using I lied constantly about what I was taking and how much, its somewhat embarassing to admit when you have a problem. Best wishes to you, take care.
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I know how difficult and frustrating this is for you, I was an addict lying and then I cleaned up and my bf was the one. I never knew how much I hurt anybody until it was passed back to me,boy oh boy. Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful without outside help (not family) I could of neverbeen able to see my addiction for what it was.being with people who had recovered from what I was going through was the only way for me to become face to face and honest in what I had really become AN ADDICT.I hope all the best for you emotionally,It is a tough road to be one.for me my family friends and partner all had to turn their backs on me I just about died but it was better than a slow death from drug addiction,cause one day it came to me.I am the only one who can change.Hope this helps  
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no..... that is not true sorry but he is lying to u.
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My man's been on Sub for three days now, in hopes that he'll be able to able to come off of his heroin addiction. Is Sub highly addictive? and if so, how severe are the withdrawals, and how long would it take to come off of it?
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