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trying to quit

Ive been trying too give up drugs for about 2 months now, reason is i went to a house party with some of my best friends and one of my close friends over dossed and died. You would think that was enough to make someone stop but i crave it all the time and every time i go out with my friends there taking something. But im really scared i dont want to end up like her. Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can stop.
I really need some advice on what to do cause im really too young to be ruining my life
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Day 6...cant believe i got this far already. I feel better today, i woke up full of energy went for a run.
I went and saw a counselor today, it was a little hard to tell some stranger my problems, ive been so used to keeping it all to myself.
Congratz on getting past 30 days Ginsa that's really great, i hope i can get there without any fall backs.
Also i got a full time job today, im slowly turning my life around.
My partner is also really supportive, not so many people are lucky like that.
Thanks for all your support guys i really appreciate it.
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Congratulations on making it to day 5! You may start feeling better after today. Keep in mind that everyone is different, but by day 6 most have begun to feel better. Don't underestimate the power of good nutrition. Are you able to walk, stretch, or do anything away from home? Keeping my mind occupied and having a change of scenery helped me. I am 31 days clean now.

Gizzy made a good point. Talking to a counselor will probably help. I don't know what the requirements are in OZ for a degree in therapy, but it's likely that  a counselor will at at least be able to steer you in the right direction. Now that you are able to open up to your partner, maybe you can start to open up to a professional. It's wonderful that you have someone supportive and CLEAN to lean on, but it might be best for your relationship if you get some help elsewhere too. Better to do as much for yourself as you can so you can contribute something positive to the relationship. A loved one will want to help, but there is only so much that they can do, and that might become discouraging for them after a while. It will probably be encouraging to your partner to see you take control of your own recovery. Keep us posted, OK?
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Thanks for the help Ginsa. I' ll check out the Thomas Recipe.
Im now 4 days clean woke up feeling really sick again and with a massive headache and cold and shaking. How long will this last for?
The people kept calling me last night asking why i wasn't out with them, i told then that im quitting, they were not very happy, but this is my life now and no matter how hard its going to be im saying no ive had enough.
I started using a few months before i turned 16, that was only pot, then that wasn't doing enough so i got in with different people that were doing ecstasy and speed and from there on i haven't been able to stop.
My mum sent me to a counselor after i got out of the hospital, i tried talking, but it was like i had closed up, i was on the same level all the time, like i wasn't sad i wasn't happy i couldn't cry and so on. Ive started talking 2 my partner, i trust him with my life, i made sure before i went out with him that he wasn't doing any form of drugs. Hes been a great help but i no its not the same as talking to a real counselor.  
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Welcome to the forum and I am happy to hear your 3 days clean. I did loads and loads of coke and overdosed a few times, the last one almost killing me, but i got an ambulance and from that point on i chose to live my life without drugs, it scared me straight. One of the great things about recovery is we learn to deal with life sober and let our emotions in, instead of numbing them out with drugs. I thought coke was a great drug at first, but it takes ya down fast and people underestimate the power of this drug. When addiction takes control of us and we can't stop, then it's time to seek some help. You have come to a great place for support and will learn a lot. First and foremost if you continue to socialize with those using, you won't stop, it took me years of trying that to get it right. I am not sure if i missed it, but how long have you been using now? Would you consider talking to a counsellor about the loss of your friend and your addiction?
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Drink as much water as you possibly can. Getting dehydrated will make anxiety worse. Will make everything worse really. Constant fluid intake will help your body flush out the toxins. If you can't eat solid food,  get some protein powder or shakes. Vitamins are really important too. Liquid vitamins not only get out of your stomach faster and are easier to keep down, they are better assimilated by the body.  No matter what your DOC was, you need good nutrition to heal. There's some great information in the Thomas Recipe in the bottom right box on this page. Knowing what to expect might help cope with the symptoms. I had trouble falling asleep and took an antihistamine like Benadryl. It's better to avoid self-medicating, but this has helped others in wd too. Baths and showers help with the chills.

It sure will be good to be happy without drugs. That kind of happiness isn't real anyway. You can do this. You're on your way. Keep it up!
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Ive been feeling heaps sick today, i cant eat because i feel so sick, ive been hot and cold and shaking heaps and i cant sleep, i haven't slept properly for along time now.  
Its sort of a day to day thing, how i felt determined how much i took, somedays were better than others and somedays i wouldn't come home cause i had taken so much and just stayed where i was, mainly i was doing pot and cocaine, and the others on the weekend.
My addiction caused me to drop out of school, then i was a hairdresser for 2 yrs then had my friend pass, and i was in hospital for about 3 weeks, then my boss found out what happened and fired me, so nothing good has come out of this it has damaged my life and ive had enough.
I have come to realise that there is more to life then drugs to make me happy, and when i look at other people i think wouldn't it be good just to be happy without anything helping me and taking the feeling away.
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It's  not a bit silly be concerned about getting hooked on pain killers. You are ahead of the game if you are aware of this as a potential problem. It's better never to tempt yourself. If you need pain meds, use something OTC.

Are you having withdrawl symptoms? You didn't say how much and how long you were using before you quit. If you were going to have physical symptoms of wd you would be having them by now. I hope you can continue to keep your eyes on the goal of being clean and getting on with life. Don't let anything distract you.

You will probably be "all over the place" emotionally from the mental withdrawl too. So if it seems like you are not moving on, don't get discouraged. It really does take time. But you seem to have a really good attitude and that is good for you. Just remember  and take to heart the good advise the members here are giving. It's hard to give up the friends connected to drugs, but for now that's what you need to do. Don't let them come back around if they are not clean, Look at like you're someone just learning to swim. You may know how to stay above water and save yourself, but that doesn't qualify you to be a lifeguard. If you try to help a drowning person you might both drown. Let your friends get help somewhere else. Then you can build a relationship with them based on something besides partying.
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Thanks its really good to know that there are people that will listen.
I dont really have any family support, since i turned 18 last yr they say that its my life and i have made the mistakes and im now old enough to fix them for myself. But when i think about it, it is really because i got in with these sort of people and ditched the people that really cared and now i dont have them.
Jobs open new doors tho and with that there is new and better people so im hoping in the next few days i can manage to get a job and start to turn my life around now.
I no i need to grieve and let it out, i used to talk all the time, but since i turned to drugs its like ive shut down and closed myself in. My mum sent me to counseling after my friend died, but that didn't help much as i wouldn't talk about anything to anyone.
I have a wonderful partner now, he is helping me come around, i can talk to him about anything, so all my emotions are coming out all at once. Ive warned him tho that it is going to be hard for a while as im going to be all over the place with emotions as its been along time since ive expressed them to anyone.
Sometimes im scared of getting prescription things like pain killers cause im to afraid i ll get hooked on them i no that a little silly but i get hooked on things really easily.
Ive been 3 days without anything, i think today had been really bad, i was craving so bad i went for a run for almost an hour just so i wasn't in the house or around the people i knew would give me something.
Its going to take me a long time to be back to a normal me.
Thanks all for your support.  
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Mel, most of us ended up here because we were trying to cope with pain. That's why most people abuse drugs. People start using for different reasons, but it almost always becomes about emotional pain.

Whether you quit now or later, you will have to experience the pain of loss. Doing so now will be hard, but not harder than it will be later. Later, when using will have created so many more problems than it already has. Now is the best time to quit. Today is the day to decide that you are going to stay clean. Learn from the tragedy. Don't try to run from it, it will follow you. It might be out of your conscious thought while you're high but it won't be gone. To get over the pain, you have to experience it. It will pass if you allow it to go through you, then out of you.

I tell you this as I am finally coping with the grief I tried to run away from for 3 years. Now I am forced to deal with the loss I suffered as well as the shambles my life is in because I tried to take refuge in drugs instead of finding healthy and productive ways to cope.

Do what you can to get a job. Get busy with something that isn't about drugs or the people who you use with. "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always gotten".

I hope you will keep trying. Keep on posting. Find a support group like NA. There will be people just like you there. Drug abuse has a lot of different faces, but it's the same behind all of them. Do you have any family to support you? If nothing else, we are here to help and encourage you to get clean.

You are right, you have to put yourself first right now. I've heard others say that recovery is the most selfish thing you will ever do. It has to be all about you, and you really need to keep other people from distracting you from what you want. You can do this if you want to. You can turn your life around. Find beauty in the ashes.

Keep us posted, we're cheering for you.

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Hi Mellisa, I may not be of too much help, because I too am still using... have an appontmnt. for suboxone this week, but that's besides the point... when I was younger I used to dapple with some of the very same drugs you've mentioned, I too was at  a party once where a kid overdosed, my husband was the only one who would do anything, the rest of the people were too scared, he used to be a frist responder, and it was by the grace of God that he was there. He had to make the owner of the home call the police, b/c she was scared of getting in trouble!! Drugs can make people do messed up things, and on top of that,the group of friends that had brought him there, they all left, b/c they didn't want to face the police,and EMT's....That was really terrifying,I know what you feel.... Thank God my husband was there, he worked on him until the EMS got there, and they were able to bring him back with a shot of epinephrine or something like that... But besides this story I wanted to say, I know how you feel about not being able to stop... Addictions make people do things they wouldn't normally do, it is something that can be changed, but not until you are willing to do that. When I was younger, I was addicted to meth for quite sometime, and a lot of crazy things happened... but it wasn't until I was ready to stop that I did... But I will say that some of the above posts are true... not easy to realize or do,but very true.. When I stopped the meth,I had to completely stop associating with every person I knew who had a tie to the drug... After a while, one realizes that most of the people are just around for the party anyways, "Buzz Buddies" I call them... So I gues what I'm trying to say is addiction is crazy.. I vowed that I would never become addicted to a drug again, yet here I am... also, some people don't actually have a r"rock bottom" moment,  and I really believe that You have to be the one to say okay I've had enough, you just have to be ready, or it's not going to work, also, if you are ready to do this, then you really should distance yourself from the "buzz buddies" you have,  it will only help you in reaching your goal, and you know what too?? If they are really as close to you as you say, then they will come back to you when you've kicked this habit.... People usually find out who their friends are when they decide to get sober, sounds cliche maybe, but it's just one of those things that is very true... If you ever want to talk, I'm here for you, sounds like we may have a few life experiences in common... Also, don't run yourself down over the death of your friend, I know that it hurts, and you may be feeling some guilt and things like that, but ultimately, we all have our own free will, and are capable of making our own choices, and this is not your fault...It's okay to greive, but don't blame yourself.  Things will get better for you, listen to the people on this forum most of them provide so much empathy, b/c they've been there, they have been very supportive to me so far:)  Also, I wanted to tell you to please please be careful, some of the things you mentioned mixing together,really can be a deadly cocktail so to speak, so please just be careful...Take care and write anytime you want to.
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well we were drunk at the time that doesnt really help but we were all mixing pot ecstasy cocaine speed and more alcohol...i dont remember how much we did but it was enough where we all should have died but we had some very good doctors working with us ...we all ended up passed out in one of the rooms upstairs there was about 5 of us and the next thing i no we were in the hospital woke up 2 weeks later and got told she had passed away...im coming around tho its been a hard turn to make after something like that, i started getting really depressed and all that, but i feel like i need something 2 take away the pain in my heart...i no that's not rite and i should just deal with it like normal people do...its just not working so well for me.
it was a very stupid thing we did and i do regret it everyday, but i just keep looking forward and know that life will get better.
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I would be afraid as well..happens alot...a friend of a friend also overdosed yesterday...how much and what r u using?
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I first started with pot, then went to E and then coke after my friend passes away cause i just wanted something to make the time go quicker and too forget. Now i no that sounds mean but when your in the same room with ur best friends and watch one of them die and cant do anything, its sorta the last image you would want haunting your mind every few minutes.
Ive tried really hard to stay away from these people but its kinda hard cause they live around me and i grew up with them. It also doesnt help that i dont have a job anymore so ive got nothing to take my mind off it altho i have job trials coming this weekend so at least i have an excuse not too go out with them.
Ive gone 3 days without anything...its been very hard and tempting and i no i need to put myself first. Its just really hard to get over it.
Thanks for you support.
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I think the first thing you are going to have to do is find a different group of friends. I know that sounds harsh but if they are always going to have drugs around, would you be able to say no? The first step is getting any kind of contacts as far away from you as you can. I lost my older sister the same way and it still kills me to this day. I'm currently getting off norco's right now due to a back problem. I've been off and on over the past 2 years. I've went through withdrawals probably lilke 6 times. As of now I'm on day 4 cold turkey so it will be 7 after this and hopefully the last if my back could hold up!
You must keep yourself away from being tempted in to using. That's being around anyone that has anything on them. You need to make a plan and stick to it. There are so many wonderful people on here that are willing to help and make you reach your goal. What kinds have you been taking? Just be open and honest with everyone and don't worry about anyone looking down on you. We are all here for the same reason. Just hang in there and do what has to be done. I'm here for you if you need anything!
Best of Luck!!
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