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turmoil in my brain

I had an addiction to benzodiazepines, i took them in the first place for my aniexty due to a chemical inbalance i put in my head from extensive drug use.(i didn't start out this way) i know if i go to the doctor he's gonna put me on a benzo. i've been clean for a while now, but the aniexty is too much, all those stupid breathing techniques don't work. i have quite a bit of knowledge of psychology(attended school then dropped out) so i'm pretty sure this isn't the drug cravings talking. i'm sure i have control of myself now considering if i mess up again i'll loose everything i've worked for and twords. is this a good idea? Maybe a long-acting benzo?
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maybe an antidepressent for anxiety like zoloft, buspar..a few others that help and are not so destructive....have u tried this?  u probably have..long acting benzo would be klonopin......habit forming tho..please be safe and keep posting
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The longest 1/2 life benzo out there is Valium..(diazepam)

The 2nd is as worried said...Klonopin (clonazepam)

I have been on both, and tried to c/t benzo's once...never again.

Now...I just take a small amount of valium at night for medical reasons. But European Doc's actually use Valium, to ween people of other hard hitting additicve benzos like xanax, atival etc...

What type of benzo were you on? A very short 1/2 life on I get that..

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clonazepam was what i was on, but i was ordering it and prescibed it, i just had so much i didn't know what to do w/ myself, also trying/ abusing other benzo's as well. i know diazepam has a haft life of 200 hrs, so i'm going to suggest either valium or librium(which actually metabolizes into diazepam) anti-depressants just don't work, they've tried me on just about everyone, i felt "normal" on klonopin and valium when i had it, not the least bit intoxicated,sharp,on deck,ect. i guess i really need to be sure that i can do this, which i think i can...
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u gotta know u can...and go for it...librium is a weaker benzo...valium is safer/if such a thing/than klonopin..benzo dot org dot uk has some interesting info
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Benzo's will mess you up!

I wish I had been addicted to herion instead of xanax. I thought I hit pay dirt when I found my "drug pusher" doctor. She gave me 8mg of xanax for many years. After several near death experiences and 2 psyc wards, due to mixing alcohol with xanax, I started to tapper off a year ago. Still trying. It's like going crazy and being electrocuted at the same time. I had a seizure.  I curse the day I ever took one of those horrible pills. benzo.org.uk is an excellent site.
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you know your obviously a girl/women, i've done some hard drugs , shot heroin, smoked meth, used coke, and drank and smoked. i come from almost flawless genes.i'm not trying to be cocky or a ****, but your message to me makes you think i'm retarded!  i've only been on them for 4 years or something, read my journal, along with all the b.s i've been delt, the things i've used, all of that, you tell me i don't need benzo's , my head is f***** up i'm not normal w/o my medicine, i abused it yeah, but i really think i need them and so do a few proffectionals. your entilted to your opion, and some am i , plus were speaking over the internet, i don't know you and vice versa. thank you for your concern and your opion, your a caring person,sorry if i sounded like a know it all *****(i think i was a bit...sorry)
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