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ultracet vs. vicoden

Hi everyone...I have been on vicoden for 6 months and have been weening down to get off them....I reinjured my hand which was the reason i was put on vicoden to begin with...I just got back from the dr. and he gave me a script for ultracet....I dont know anything about this drug...He said it was in the same family as vicoden...which now has me worried ..I dont want to go from one addiction to another...Is this drug like vicoden? Is it addicting?? Please help! Thank you for any input anyone may have.
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Tramadol is just as addicting and worse to come off of .I would look into non narcotic aleratives . ...
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so this is tramadol? Thank you Avis!
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Ultracet is Tramadol and Tylenol in one pill.
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Thank you....so it is a narcotic? Ive been trying to look up some info on it before i take it and when i google it tells me it is non-narcotic? But Avis said try a non narcotic instead...Im really confused...thank you for your help
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Let me change that to nothing addicting. tramadol is what is called a synthetic analgesic it is very addicting and work very much like the other opiates as well as having an ingredient that has anti depressant qualities.
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Thank you so much avis!
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