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update - day 10!

I just wanted to stop in an give an update... today is day 10 for me!  So excited ot reach double digits - LOL
I didn't even realize yesterday was day 9 - bearly even thought about it all day! And yesterday was a HUGE test for me.  I mainly got my pills by stealing from my dad and step mom who visit me and my son every Thursday - as soon as they arrive - I would lure them out of the main room of the house (where she would leave her purse) and I would make up an excuse to run back in the main room and steal the pills from her purse.  Well - yesterday I ended up w/ a bad eye infection and they had to come over and watch my son while one of them drove me to the eye dr.  I was scared that the Dr. would give me a RX for the pain (I would not have accepted it) but he didn't, then as soon as i saw my step mothers purse instantly I felt the desire to look inside for pills - but i pushed it aside...other than that I was free of thinking of pills all day.  What an acheivment for me!!!!!

Also - after they all left and it was just me and my son - I had the desire to listen / dance to music, which i haven't done in years - I turned on itunes and blasted some rock songs and danced around the house with my baby.  It was a blast and good workout which left me feeling amazing - such a rush - I really missed natural highs.  

So those of you on day 1, 2, 3,4, etc.... just wanted to give you hope, that your energy WILL come back (even if it takes a while) and you will experience natural highs again...
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Great to know your doing so well!!! I wish you the best!!
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Thank you for your post. Its real encouragement to see the days getting better for people. Gives me hope that I too can get to day 10 and things start looking better
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