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urine drug screens

Does any one know if suboxone shows up on a  pre-employment drug screen when they are looking for narcotics?
Let me know, please...
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yes it will
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The Suboxone site says it will not... However I am not sure.. The manufacturer says that it won't..
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When I left detox and was shipped directly from the detox to the drug rehab there was five of us and we all tested positive for opiates........
The rehab told us it was because of the Subutex that we all took for the five days.........
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I have heard others say similiar things.. That is why I don't understand why the website says that it won't.. even the doctor I went to had that in his paperwork that it wouldn't.. So that is why I said I wasn't sure..
Could there be a difference in the Suboxone and the Subutex formulas that the combo one does not show up??
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This is interesting.. I may do some research on this... its good info to have..
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Thats why I mentioned I used Subutex and not Suboxone.........there must be a difference.......
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my suboxone doctor assured me it wont show up in drug screens, i dont know if she has first hand experience (with some of her patients passing drug screen) not sure though.
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ok i can answer this. i was in charge of pre employment drug screens at work. first off the standard drug screen is what is called a 5 panel.it looks for pot,speed,crystal meth,heroin ,which metabolizes to morphine, codiens cocaine and alcohol.......oxy,hydro are not in the search area of this test. now most emplyers are asking for a additional test to be conducted called a "home" opiate test. this test stricky searches for oxy hydo etc..........only then will sub show up. i always requested the additional home test which is conducted from the same sample..........also the 5 panel will show tylenol,aspirin etc,many will ask that the home test be conducted if high levels of this shows up......JIM
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I took a diet pill phentermine on Saturday (i did have a prscription), my boss now wants a urine drug screen. How many days before the phentermine clears, i don't want her to think I am on speed but i also don't want her to know I am taking an appetite suppressant, (she is myhusbands sister-in-law.
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if you had a prescription it doesnt matter what she thinks hun...its all legit.
if your taking it as an appetite suppressant, it shouldnt matter,
why does your boss want a  drug screen "NOW"?
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I have been on suboxone for over 2 years now and the way i understand it is this:   several years ago (when suboxone first started to be a popular medication in the U.S.) there was no tox screen to specifically detect suboxone (or subutex) but it goes without saying that law enforcement (and other agencies whom would want or need to determine suboxone use) were working top speed on solving that issue. It didnt take em long. Now, there is a tox screen to detect suboxone use. Having said that, suboxone still wont show up on most standard drug screenings. The reason is that most places conducting drug screens only use a standard 5 panel screening which simply means that the test will only detect those 5 substances. In order for suboxone to be detected, they would have to perform the more extensive 10 panel screening. I dont know if its cost related or what but the vast majority of screenings are still only a 5 panel test and that includes most law enforcement and probation departments. In fact, I know that the probation department in my area uses the standard 5 panel screen and then they will order the more extensive testing "randomly" they claim. Now, I personally have my doubts about just how "random" those 10 panel screening orders are. It appears to me that its not random at all and that the 10 panel test is only ordered in cases where they have some reason to suspect suboxone use and (most of all) have received a report from 1 or more civil informants suggesting that the individual in question should be tested for suboxone. To put it bluntly, they was snitched on!! AS for the difference between suboxone and subutex... its pretty simple. Suboxone is actually two medications combined. It is primarily intended to treat opiate addiction and to assist with that function, they add narcan to the active ingredient (buprenorphine) and that combination is suboxone. A typical 8 mg suboxone is actually 6mg buprenorphine and 2mg narcan. The narcan is intended to prevent opiate use in combination with suboxone. Im sure youre aware that taking any pain pill while on suboxone has the potential to put you into extreme withdrawal immediately and it does affect most in just that way. Ive seen some who are able to take suboxone and other pills and not get sick but ive never tried it because its just not worth it to me. First, Im taking suboxone to stay off other pills so why do it? Second, if the suboxone reacts the way it is supposed to when you add another pain killer, the severe withdrawal that follows is so extreme that most people need to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, even the hospital can only watch you and wait for it to end because once you are withdrawaling, there is no reversing that effect. Narcan is whats given to drug overdose victims to stop the o.d. It blocks and renders ineffective all trace of any opiates within your system almost instantly. Ive seen it and that would never be worth finding out just how it would effect me. Subutex is very simply buprenorphine without the narcan. It seems that doctors prefer to stick with suboxone whenever possible and only switch to subutex in certain circumstances. This is most likely due to the fact that mixing opiates with subutex has no potential for any ill effects so what's to stop patients from doing it? If youre actually wanting to take suboxone in order to ultimately succeed in some kinda rehab, it only makes sense to take suboxone and not subutex. I would think patients are less likely to stray to opiate use if they know it will either have no effect at all and be a total waste or it will cause them the worst case of withdrawal possible. I hope this helped
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