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valium or no valium

day 2 coming upto night 2 with out oxy should i sleep tonight? or will i keep having cold sweats? should i take some valium??
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u know u r the only one who knows wheteher u need valium or not...if u do then take the smallest dose possible for the least amount of time..sleep is important to recovery especially if u r working or have busy days ahead of u...safer meds would be better if u need sumpin over a week or so...over the counter u can get benadryl, valerian root, melatonin...and safer rx drugs that have a side effect of sleepiness are phenergan and some ADs that cause sleepiness/no alcohol with any rx sleep or anxiety medication...lunesta or ambien are both less habit forming than valium but valium is a good choice tho out of the benzo family with xanax, klonopin and ativan being much stronger...do what u need to do to get thru the next few days and stay comfortable..after that if the sleep probs persist, talk to ur dr about a safer rx med or try otc meds like valerian root...good luck and congrats on every second of ur clean time!
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Hay every1 I wouldn't say I'm an addict but I can say I'm on the path of being 1 . To opiots. My tollerance is going up at a fast pace.. I really want to stop b4 I am ova my head. Its not that I'm scared.of being a lil sik, but hard to quit wen its in ur face a lot. {Perks,ocs,sumtimes dope}. But wut I really can't go a day or 2 without is benzos I don't have a doc but I know I need anxiety meds.. I'm 110 positive bout that. And don't want to stop that but I wana b able to get a natural high and b high on life.. if any1 can give me help let m3 know.. thnxx..
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Hi u seem 2 know bout wat my problems 2. Exp prob 2{benzos} and sleeping problems. Its weird how 99% of the ppl I know who are adicted to opiates take benzo. Me myself hhonestly thinnk I need to b pescribed clozepins and zanex. If I wake up and do not take any benzos I feel .. not the same/normal.. I can't evan get happy with friends or evan want to talk to my girl who I love a lot. Its weird. Ppl say I got a opposite reaction to how they work idk if that's good or bad. But if I was to take them and try to sleep ill b up cleaning and organizing sh*t.. idkk. Any advice..
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The benzos don't help a heck of a lot with sedation ... combined with benadryl and melatonin, you might have some sleep ...

Seroquel or Zyprexa in the short-term might be useful, and you might be okay if you taper.

I'd try to stockpile the benzos for the really grotty nights.
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I'm definately not a doctor, but I think this could be something you might want to bring up with your doctor that's prescribing the Valium to you. He/she wrote you out for them for a reason, so try and see what their outlook is on it. Recovery is that much easier and less restless when you know there's a doctor by your side to help you through day by day.
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