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valium withdrawal

Over the past few years I have taken valium on and off. Sometime a year in between. However, for the past year or so I have been taking 5 mg-10mg a day. Two weeks ago, I decided to stop taking it for good as I was experiencing some opposite effects and believed I had reached my capacity for it. Two weeks later, last night, I was experiencing a really bad headache with nausea. Could this have to do with withdrawal? Not to mention, I have also drank beer moderately for the most part. That, I have put down as well. It's a bit hard to come off both at the same time but not taking valium is more important to me now. How long could this sort of withdrawal last and could it be dangerous?
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I'd like to note that I have taken it on an average of 3-4 days a week. Not everyday
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I think with benzos, the best taper plan is one you can formulate with your doc. Is he or she aware that you'd like to quit?
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Just retread your post... So you actually jumped ship and quit cold turkey? The symptoms may be related but I've never experience benzo withdrawals. From what I've heard, it can be dangerous if not under the care of a physician. I totally understand wanting to be DONE forever, and it sounds like your dose was fairly low. Still I think you need to talk with your physician about your decision to quit and how you would like to proceed
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Hi there, welcome.  Yes benzos are very dangerous to jump c/t from.  You could have seizures or even worse.  The best plan would be to have your doctor on board to supervise detox.  I was addicted to benzos for 13yrs.  Very high dose  Hard to believe but at my worst I was taking over 25mg Xanax a day, the doctors didn't know how I was still walking around.  I had to c/t it as my doctor(s) found out I was dr. jumping and wouldn't treat me anymore.  It was H*LL!!!  

Please get prof. advice.  Prayers.
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