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vicodin and soma

me and my wife have been taking vicodin and soma up to 20 times a day for the past 6 or 7 years, we have tried many times to stop. I get most of our pills from mexico. She already has depression and only gets severely depressed when we don't have our pills. I used to be strong but now I find myself so weak, what can I do? Before something bad happens, we have 2 young kids  too, otherwise I would go to a rehab.
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    Maybe a taper plan cutting down on the dose until you can get into treatment.  See a drug counselor and talk about your problem they will help you get into a treatment program. Or go to the ER and they should have a counselor on hand that can help you.    Praying for all.  
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I too had been taking Vicodin for many years......12 years to be exact, due to a back injury. The Dr's just kept writing the scripts for them and I kept taking em.......6 Days ago, I DECIDED enough was enough. I had taken 720  10/325 Vicodin over a period of 1 1/2 months and that was enough! I came to this site where other knowledgeable people kept me going but you have to be OPEN to what they are saying. You have two children, which should be your first priority and when you are on the juice, they can't be, the pills are! I know you can't see that right now, but you will when you get off the pills! Yes, it's hard, but life is hard and this isn't any harder than what life throws at you! Please make a conscious decision to get off NOW b4 they ruin yours, your wife's and your children's life! Praying for you, bro!
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Las Vegas cocktail...I do your same combo soma/vic  prescribed by my (pill mill) dr. I cant give you great advice on the vic recovery but I can tell you for fact ive gotten off the soma by tapering but staying on the vics, i experienced no withdrawl from the soma except a little night sweat. The vic buzz wasnt as good without the soma IMO but it beats cold turkey.  You will be fine this is a very supportive group.
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