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vicodin withdrawal

Help. im on day 10 with no vicodin. From 20 a day. I cant sleep. Im going crazy. I dont know if i can make it through another day of my legs kicking and not being able to sleep.
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HANG IN THERE!!  Ten days is such an accomplishment and like Headache says, you do NOT want to start over again.

For me, two weeks was "the hump."  Restlessness, sleeplessness, body aches, "head in a vise" feeling were all part of my moment-to-moment existance.  I went c/t on a Friday, and three Sundays later (15 full days) I woke up feeling so good I was giddy and my wife thought I was was high.  Everybody is different, as body size, amount you were taking and how long, diet, physical condition et cetera all affect how long it takes.  However, two weeks seems to be "normal" from what I read on this and other forums and websites.

That was ...lessee now.....three months ago and still going strong.  It is so good to be free and not constantly thinking of my next dose.

Some suggestions:  Exercise was my big help, as a nice 30 minute aerobic session (rowing, bicycle, running, stairs, anything) would give me an hour and a half of feeling really good, AND it helped sleep later on.  While we want to clear ourselves of drugs, I found OTC benedryl (or Tylenol PM, which contains a standard dose of benedryl)  helped, as did a glass of good old moo juice at bed time, straight from the fridge, no need to heat it.  

Again, while I hate to recommend ANY drug, I had fessed up with my doc regarding the vicodin (he was completely cool about it and well-versed in pain control and drugs), so we agreed on a small (15 tabs) non-refillable scrip of Xanax 0.5 mg for those Really Bad Nights.  Be advised Xanax addiction is not only highly possible but also frought with real peril, so only do this under close adult supervision.  :-)

I also found fresh fruit during the day helped cravings, as well as diving into work AND venting on this forum.  

I am adding this discussion to my watch list.  Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.  Like my man Red Green says, "We're all in this together."
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I do know this gets better...have u talked to ur doctor..sleep is important to recovery and he may give u sumpin safe for sleep...also there are things u can do for the rls...in my journal there is a study on rls from my hospital that may help...do u exercise?  also the thomas recipe can help too....some of the aminos help anxiety and sleep..what r u taking now for sleep?
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Congratulations on day 10 !! 20 a day is a lot so your sleep pattern will take time to adjust.. I usually do not take supplements but while detoxing.. I had found Valerian Root a natural product you can get a walmart helped a lot with the anxiety and helped to calm me.. at this point Melatonin 5mg combined might do the trick for you to get some sleep.. As for the rls they also have a product at the same place called restful leg it works pretty well.. enough to make it tolerable or you could try bananas and or Tonic water as it has quinine in it...Also you will find on the bottom right hand of this page is the Thomas recipe.. many swear by it's benefits... Keep in mind this is only temporary and will not last forever.. Exercise walking any kind of moving also helps to speed up the process and helps with all the symptoms.. You are doing great and I wish you well.. lesa
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You have started the best way, by seeking the help from others.  I'm like on day 11 I think, and I totally understand the no sleep and leg jumping stuff.  It gets better, trust me it does.  Take lots of baths (hot) and try to read or do something to make yourself mentally tired too.  When I would go to bed, my mind wouldn't be able to stop thinking of stuff. Now, I sleep a bit better, but wake up about every 1-2 hours almost in a panic.  It does get better, just know that we're out there to help anytime!!

Remember you don't want to have to start over at day one again.  That thought usually helps me.  Take care, and you are doing great!  10Days is HUGE!!!

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