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I too have been addicted to vicodin for the past two years. i am weeks away from having my second child, the ob said it was okay to use but never really said how many. My ob said the baby shouldnt be born with any addiction that it is very very rare and they have people taking high doses of stronger narcs like methadone and are pregnant. i have to take in the am when i get up as my neck hurts the worst when i try to sleep at night. but then find myself wanting to take more and more throughout the day. i have terrible pain in my neck from several car accidents with whiplash injury. i have tried other things like massage, chiropractic, with no relief. i was also prescribed valium for the muscle relaxant which i have been not using due to the pregnancy. My last visit my ob said i can use the valium if i need to so i can get some sleep at night. i do want to quit taking them also but am afraid of the withdrawal symptoms.  Everyday i tell myself i am only taking two in the morning but then throughout the day keep thinking about it evrry time my neck hurts. i take no more than 4 a day.
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i only used vicodin throughout most of the pregnancy... my last visit at 35 weeks she said i could use the valium if i need to so i could get some sleep they are 2mg tabs. i only used it maybe 5 times throughout the rest of the pregnancy because i was reading online that it shouldnt be taken during pregnancy.. i guess now since the baby is completely formed it cant really do harm. the vicodin i take are 5/500...  i wish i could find something else to take care of this pain but nothing else seems to help much. i know i am now addicted to the vicodin so dont want to start using the valium alot and become addicted to that too.
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The doctor giving you this info is it your obgyn .How much valium have you been taking has it been daily and for how long ?
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Congratulations! My OB rx'd them to me while I was pregnant. I didn't use them daily only when needed...no more than 2 in a day if at all. What mg are yours 5, 7.5 or 10?

Just ask your OB if 4 a day is going to cause the baby wds. Also, have you contacted our OB/GYN nurse on the forum? She is great and knows more than me...her name is 1234betterlife.

I really think it would be best due to you being pregnant to ask your doctor.

Good Luck and please keep posting!!!

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