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vomitting and withdrawals

Does everyone vomit when withdrawaing?? Just wondering.I never vomit,I feel nauseas but never have vomitting or much diareah..RUthie
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I haven't, but I know of people that have, they were taking more than me the highest i got up to was 12mg's a day, but needed 40 to get through my day.
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I was nauseated but thank god never vomited...but diareah was a different story...But this time i did not take as much immodium as the first time...i just wanted it out...NOT TO BE GROSS...But with that smell it was definetly poison...LOL
i hate to vomit so i am so glad i did not, but i do here some do...
hope you are having a good day
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i never have but its common.
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to day is day 5 and I am a complete mess. I cant stop vomiting and the depression is tearing me apart,
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Day three here pukin, shittin, shakin and severe depression. Just doing my time.
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Yeah...I do. It really really really really sucks. It's like non stop, once every five minutes, for hours straight. It's why if I do cold turkey I end up GI tubed in the E.R. It's one of those rare symptoms to get it like that. Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket?
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