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w/d's and alcohol

Let me start with I'm not a drinker. I firmly believed mixing alcohol with pain meds was a bad idea. Tonight on day 4 CT I was offered wine. Not a huge drinker and don't care for the" drunk' aspect I didn't think much about having a glass of wine with my mom. Well half a glass. As most my physical symptoms are gone and its more a mental game and lack of energy game it didn't occur to me as wrong.

What I noticed is RLS kicked in instantly. Agitation started. Runny nose.  Is there a reaction with w/d symptoms and alcohol?
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During the first two weeks of detox using alcohol, smoking cigs/joints, coffee and other substances you want to "use" to feel better only make you feel worse with the exception of ibuprofen which helps quite a bit. Your body needs time and slowly things will normalize. Hang in there 4 days is AWESOME!
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ms delight is absolutely correct, I can tell you from experience that any amount of any kind of alcohol will produce the onset RLS    I dont care for alcohol either but have tryed it while in detox and with in 5 minutes i had the rls feeling and it was unbearable, it will get better.. trust.. just try to refrain from Alcohol,caffine,sugar, and coffee   although they say and this is true that chocolate releases endorphin's, I would recoment exercise as this has had a hugh impact on my well being during withdrawal and in the most positive way..  stay strong.
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Thank you guys. I started to panic a bit. My intent was not to fix or cope. More of a...sure I will have 1/2 a glass. Not big on wine and never excepted it while on norco. I really didn't think much about 1/2 a glass. But Oh man, RLS and anxiety kicked in quick. Now coffee, that's a beast I will admit I'm fighting. Normally a several cups a morning drinker, I noticed just 1 is enough for me now. That I do to add a caffeine headache on top of everything else. I guess I thought 1/2 a glass with my folks over dinner would be nice to enjoy with them finally. I was always offered but declined due to the norco. I will admit this, I get my folks are big wine folks, but I don't see the attraction. Guess I can safely say I don't see why wine with dinner. Water cleaned my palette so much better. Lesson learned
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The important thing is you learned a lesson here.
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I wouldn't mix anything except of course, Chocolate. It helped me. Makes sure it's a minimum of 65% cocoa. (I like 85%)
For RLS, I used 3 cups of Epsom salts in a hot bath. Walking helps too, as do bananas. I remember you when you joined the forum.
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