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walking off the last mg......

this walk has been a ruff one from pain management to addiction 10+ yrs
of pain pills and 6 1/2yrs of methadone and im finely down to 1 mg of methadone....
on one side i feel like shi# and have constant anxiety ressless legs and little sleep
on the other side is sobrity....after a 16 1/2yr addiction it will finely be over no more
opoids...my mind will be mine again as for a time line next sunday is my last dose
what ever god has for me after that time will tell....I am apprehensive about the
final withdrawal I guess i just want it over with once and for all as for right now
I sit and fight out the withdrawals knowing that it will get better if not right now
in the future and sobriety will be so worth it to me...just a thought..Gnarly    
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Good thoughts.  Keep up the postive thinking....it's really helpful in recovery.  And maybe the WD's wont be as bad as you think.  

My honest opinion (not like you asked for it...lol) is that the WD from pain pills (or any addiction for that matter) is about 25% physical, and 75% mental.  If you are truely sick of being addicted, and decide "no more", then the WD's aren't as bad as for someone that doesn't want to quit.  If you are truely sick of it, and don't want it anymore, it seems to be much easier to "block" out the mental WD part.  Just my .02 though....
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good job bro.............it will be very interesting to hear how it goes.

time to jump ship and swim to shore !!
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congrats to you and I wish you all the best. You deserve much happiness. Let us know how all goes;
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You have done great! This is all going to pay off soon, for us and others! Im down to 10mg hydros a day. Seems like Ive been doing this forever, but its only been 6 weeks. Thank you for sharing with us. Good luck to you, and to everyone! Be proud of yourself!
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Wow! look at you go!!! You're almost at the finish line.
It's great reading your posts...you've done amazingly well and you'll be rewarded for your success!! Not long now and you'll be breathing that heavy sigh of relief that you made it.
That last week is hard work but so worth it...big hugs to you...always thinking of ya.:o)
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There is a couple of articles  in the health pages that a forum wrote while dtoxing off of methadone to help others in the future/go there and read//good info
U r determined//down to 1 mg of methadone is awesome//methaodone like sub is a slow taper for the least wd..sme at 1 mg of methadone will go down to 3/4 of a pill for a few weeks then 1/2 of a pill for 2 weeks etc...then even go to every other day before they jump off ..others r tired/want o jump off at 1 mg and just get it donw...1 mg every other day for a bit is also sumpin I have sen people do successfully

Like suboxone/methadone has a long half life and can be an SOB to get off of/but so is any DOC/as far as long term cleandom ...a plan..aftercare and education on ur plan can make u free
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As you know, since we've posted some before together, I'm going through this methadone taper thing too.  Please keep me updated on how you feel after this is said and done.  I just now at 55mg because I'm going at 5mg/week until 30mg then 2/mg week until 20mg and then 1mg/week.  How did you do it and what do you suggest without it absolutely being miserable?  I'm taking different vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, b6, praying A LOT, trying to eat but losing some of my appetite, even for sweets which was a big thing with methadone.  I am SOOO proud of you.  You are one tough and determined guy and I know in my heart you will stay clean.  You've fought too hard to ever give up the fight and it will be one the rest of your life, as you already know.  So many people never make it as far as you have and you are an inspiration.  Hang in there and keep me updated.  Can't tell you how much you have helped.
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Good job bro. I'm down to 3-4-5 depending if I got my glasses on, sick as hell, I was good at 10mg, then 6 was ok, now I'm just feeling like ****. Today I did maybe 50, I know stupid, but I needed a little relief and I had a long walk to do today for blood test and jsut couldn't really get out of bed. Tomorrow 5mg again, then back to the 1 mg down every 4th day. I've been in this game along time, and I'm proud of you dude!. I will see you Sunday, I'm doing the media and then you will see how I fell, until then
Baruch HaShem!
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hey rob...dude ive so been there with heavy dosing wile trying to get off this stuff
at 20 mg it seamed hopeless and would find myself in total withdrawals in the middle of the night ....would get waken up in a panic and wind up doing 50 or 100mg to just get the sick off ....usually wind up high and then just have to walk it off again at 20mg
this went on 6 weeks for me till finely i was able to get past it ...now im at1mg and
it realy is tuff just to make it thew the day ...last night no sleep AGAIN and the
anxiety is agonizing but dude..WE CAN DO THIS....methadone will no longer
run my life as of sunday it will be gods grace to get me by...in the end I will no
longer be in the grip of methadone and that will be so worth it to me...Gnarly    
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THANK YOU for all your support this forum has been HUGE for me i dont think
I  would have made it this far without reading all the posts and having you all
to incorage me to go on...this is by far one of the hardest things ive ever done
in my life...although it is rely tuff now...its the posts of success that people
do beat this thing that keeps me going, I only wish i would have found it sooner
at lest now im not going into this blind anny more I know what I feel is normal
and what is to be expected and when im down your all here to pick me up again
all of your incoragement has been priceless to me. you understand how it feels
to be where im at and where i will be soon so again thank you all...Gnarly
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did you know methadone stayes in your system for about 3 days after you last dose? thats why people accedently od on it? maybee you should try and spread out your last dosages if possible maybee wait a few days b4 taking them so your body will be use to lower/none dosage? congrats on your desicion wish you the best will also say prayers for you to accomplish this i know you can you have a positive feeling to your post! have you tried over the counter meds for restless legs? also valerian root for sleeping? its a herbal anxiaty med(non addictive) it accually works smells bad but works.
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I did 4 again this morning, I slept 3 hours last nite, wow, I didn't think I would sleep at all. I'm still pissy about the Trust issue with God. Thanks for speaking Truth into my life yesterday, Mark, you are a true Brother in Christ! I'm jumping off at 2mg next weekend! I got enough pins and zanys to make it through. This is my plan, but plans sometimes do not pan out, I'm holding on with both hands, tied the knot and I'm swinging over a shark tank, they don't look that menacing from up here, hehehe, if I just didn't have the pain in my hips, legs, and back, this would be a cakewalk, yeah right, 26yrs of heroin, methadone, and a short stint of 167, 80mg oxi's why should there be a consequence? At least I still have my humor. I'm now waiting to wrestle with the LORD and I'm not looking forward to that, maybe just a little. See you tomorrow.

Baruch HaShem!
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