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I have been off oxycontin for about three weeks(80mg/day for about 2mos) I tapered with some hydros and perc and have been completely off for about 1.5 weeks. I got some wellbutrin today to help with the depression that got me hooked on the pain numbing drugs in the first place and I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and what their experience has been . I would definetely appreciate any and all feedback.


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I've been on welbutrin, zoloft, effexor, xanax, valium, and another that I can't remember the name but I myself didn't notice a difference with welbutrin, but my hubby said he noticed a big difference.  It takes a few weeks to get in yours system.  You don't feel high you just feel better without even knowing you do.  I didn't notice a difference but my hubby and everyone else did.  So that is definitely proof.  Every one is different though.  Hope that helps.  Good luck and take care, Lil.
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I switched a long time ago from prozac (due to ineffectiveness of long time use) to wellbutrin and became even worse w/ depression and anxiety.  Remember that everyone is different, you could very well have a great experience with it.  Do give it time you will know if it is helpful or harmful.
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antidepressanrs will be in my life forever Its been 8 years and they saved my life there is a book don't know the author anymore sorry but its called Listening to prozac.  they don't work for everyone and you also have to find the right one you should just feel normal but in a better mood and they help sleep for me too.  good luck there is a stigma attached to being on them but I'm surprized how many people are they tell me stuff like that probably because I'm not ashamed of having to take them.  good luck i'm on celexa one of the newer ssri seriton reuptake inhibitor it keeps the seriton in your brain cells or something It is kind of scary when you think about it but so far so good  .  you can't go off them c t have to wean.  changes brain chemestry but so does alot of drug abuse so we have a hard time being content.  the AD can help.
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