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what about me, it isn't fair

Yes I'm a junkie, pill head, user,etc, etc, but I have lived with debilitating pain for more than twenty years. I have had surgeries, therapies and countless other procedures preformed on me, some just to satisfy the Dr in order to get pain meds.
Have been told by several DR's do not let another cut you open. You are beyond care in that respect.
I recently went to a group camp out, ate a brownie at a group dinner and guess what....
Yes they where pot brownies and guess I missed the heads up.  2 weeks later I get a **** test at my regular apt and of course I failed. And yes I did feel good that night but figured it was the vodka.
Now I've been kicked by my Dr of 7 years cause laws are so strict and can't find another Dr to help me for the same reason.
They did give me taper doses for 3 weeks but in those weeks I went from 300 mg morp  and 320 mg oxy a day to zero.
Now I'm in day 2 of WD and its hell, on top of my condition that brought me to pain mgnt to begin with. There is no option medicly other than meds or suffering with debilitating pain.

I know nobody can help, just wanted to warn others in my perdicament...  don't screw up your care situation.

Read sverAl posts wondering what to expect with the wd's and you guys are providing a great resource and support for folks in need, keep on keeping on. Thanks for reading.
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Thanks for the advise folks, I've never really gotten high off my meds and used them strickly for the pain. In 20 years, never ran out of pills, never failed a pill count and never double dosed. If the regular dose didn't take the edge off that's a bad day, when they worked as needed those where good days.
If I wanted a buzz I was always a pot smoker and/or drinker but haven't smoked in 10 years due to the strick pain mgmt drug testing, but am considering it until I can get into a new clinic.
Problem is, I'm in tn and pill mills were out of control several years back and the state really cracked down on laws so now,no one will touch me. I can't get any help with meds to help the WD or for pain, only recommendations I get are methadone clinic over in nc or some in patient rehab place.
Only reason I've turned to chugging vodka/oj and considering weed which actually does help with my pain and other issues brought on by my conditions is because I can't live/deal with the pain. Trying to stay clear of the weed in case I do find a new doc I think it would be a huge plus if I can pass a **** test on day one.
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If you can find a doctor to prescribe Librium 5mg about every 6 hours for a week. You may be able to sleep it off.

The trouble at this point might be keeping the pill down and may require a shot for sedation. I do not know if you can take it rectally or not.

This is what I would do if planning in advance for a withdrawal.
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Hey Jed, glad you joined us! You know, before I joined this group, I was thinking that most of the folks on here were just using meds for the fun of it.

The truth is, almost everyone on here has chronic pain that led to this point. Our minds train us to believe that we need the meds because of our pain. I've had 9 surgeries...and I'm sure people on here have had more. The problem is that pain meds didn't help, they just added another problem to the mix...withdrawal. Because dependency on pain meds always leads down that path. Did you have months where you ran short on meds? We did.

What really makes me worry is that in the absence of meds, you are using alcohol to cope. The way I see it, That's a sign that your brain is needing to be out of things mentally and that's the root of the issue.

Five weeks ago, I walked away from my "pain management" plan, and I must say, my pain feels better than I did on the meds because I no longer have to face feeling lousy and counting the hours in between doses. I was on a very heavy dose if oxycontin, so it can be done, I feel so much better now. You just have to want to face life outside of the narcotic fog.
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Have been on many diff types and strengths throughout the years but meds are all that help.
I'm trying to stay hydrated but have tuned to vodka to achieve some level of relief to the pain of my ordinal problem and now have the additional pain of WD to contend with.
I basicly sit up or lay down in the bed in tears from the pain, that is my day/night till I can pass out for a few hours from drinking
I take a multi vitamin and on a fixed income/disability check so don't really have much cash to fill the Thomas recipe or anything like that.
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Have you been on these meds for 20 yrs?  Our pain can actually become worse taking these meds.  Hopefully you will find some relief once your body adjusts.  Make sure you are staying hydrated thru the wd's.  Do you take any vitamins/supplements?
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