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what happens if you take too high a dose of vitamins while detoxing?

Can you overdose on vitamins and minerals and if so, what would be the signs of this?  In particular, calcium, magnesium, melatonin and L-theanine?

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Jacqui the nurse is coming to ur rescue...LMAO
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p.sp...she said its a long answer so give her a minute or two!!
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I listen to a tape once called 'Dead Drs don't lie" I was on the use of vitamins and minerals and supliments. The whole point to the tape was if you body dosn't need the extra vitatmins or minerals you will just pass them. I am sure there is a limit where the levels taken at any one time could be toxic, but from what I learned from this tape was within reason the worst that will happen is you will have expensive urine.
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I bought some yesterday and it warns of accidental overdose of IRON in children 6 and under.. Noticed the iron content was 18mg for daily 100% for adult.. also warned about too much vit A can increase risk of osteoporosis.. that made me start looking up some of the min and vit.. over 25 in these tablets.. I realized everything we put in our body has an effect .. too much of something good can be bad...
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Except for Iron......that will put the hurt on you if you take too much and if not needed.  Most like you said will just excrete, but too many?  what exactly does that mean....a bottle a day wont keep the doctor away.  Depends on what you are taking.  Jaqui...where are you .......I'm curious on this one too.

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...that is true and it will be nice and yellow or orange colored as well.

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