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what is inpatient rehab like?

Okay I have just been informed I have to go inpatient by a counselor for rehab.  I have already detoxed myself off drugs. So I wonder what will it be like, if anybody has been in a recovery inpatient facility and what to expect especially since I am already off the meds.  I am trying to be open minded about this but find it ridiculous to be inpatient for detox when I've done that.  Maybe they will offer me a drug screen so I can prove I am drug free and maybe do some outpt therapy instead.  Otherwise I don't understand being detoxed from something I am detoxed from already.

I have no choice and my counselor was not so with it in my opinion as to thinking I had the willpower to pull myself off these meds. I am off as of Tuesday.  I feel good physically albeit a bit weak but feel fine. Other than being slightly angry over this counselor and not knowing what on earth to expect I am doing very good.

I will admit that the news has almost thrown me back into using as in "what's the point" you know.  I did all I could to stay out of inpt rehab but nothing I said was considered important or valid as you know I am a drug addict and obviously our own adult opinions no longer matter.  I feel so un empowered over this.  I don't feel happy about this at all.  But dang it I am going to stay clean just to show these nuts that I am clean and hope it reduces the stay.  My family if supportive yet freaking out over me being in a place maybe at the most for 30 days. who knows.  Nobody tells me anything.  This truly sux.
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Uhhhh - that sounds a little shakey to me also. Have you inquired about any outpatient daily therapy or anything along that line? Maybe going to the facility each day but not as residential? And as far as myself - the nobody tells me anything approach will not fly. In my medical journey's I have already found two life threatening mistakes that the Pro's made but I caught before they killed me. When medicine really works there is an interactive team involved. That team should be you, your Doc, and a Pharmacist at least. And all need to participate. If thats not the program - you may be in the wrong place. You should feel good about your treatment regimine..it should not suck.
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I am the "Rehab" Queen.. I have been to detox twice and rehab 3 times, each time I checked myself out of rehab early and against doctors advice. Having said that, this is what I took took from rehab.

A good portion of the people there were there for thier 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th time. It is very disheartening when you are there with so many people who did the right thing by going through treatment but yet they still failed.

One rehab I was at was very casual and you were not required to do a lot, so you had quite a bit of free time to kill which was pretty boring.

Another one I attented was very rigid, from the time you got up till the time you went to bed was full of classes. It wore me out. One thing I really didn't like about this place was that they didn't check vistors bags when they came to visit. They would bring things in for the patients and they were never checked for drugs. I know there was at least some drugs being done right under thier nose. And they even admitted it.

What I have hated most about rehab is that they treat you like dirt unless of course you have lots of money and can go to a "celebrity rehab". Most of the counslers are ex users and seem to be extremely angry and treat you as such.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is you have to want to quit, it has to come from within. You have to make changes in your life such as the company you keep and the places you go.

I don't think you can force a person to go and expect much in the way of results. Its just playing the game. You do need support and aftercare. Don't for one minute think that since you detoxed that you can ever do your DOC again just for fun. You will be back at it just where you left off.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

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Oh I get special treatment.  I am an impaired professional.  Thus my state's licensing board demands that I go on the advice of this counselor to this facility.  No choice.  Unless of course I decide I don't ever want back into my career of medicine.  To get my license clean I have to go into this program and then into a state monitoring program.  I was really hoping for going into the state program and some outpt counseling and or therapy buddy system or NA.    I never imagined I would be inpt because I am not on the meds.  But I am forced to do this and do it I will .

I have already found my counselor of course is an ex drug user and has a mindset that all drug addicts are dirty lying thieves and we can't be trusted with small children.  I already have picked up his angry vibes and he's lied to me so many times about this situation that I don't now trust any counselor or mental health expert.  In the entire time I was in the medical field I never understood the psych parts and found it a batch of mumbo jumbo.  I  am of the mind that only I can help myself thus nobody can change me unless I want to change me.  Obviously I want to change and have made the effort to call the state to put myself into a program NEVER imagining that because I was on legal pain meds prescribed by a physician that I would wind up inpt because I was not allowed to go cold turkey and not allowed to taper.  I am angry that my counselor has not listened to me and has not evaluated me properly and has not been honest.  I think if he had been honest I would be more open minded about this entire thing.
So do they drug test you on the first day?   I hope they do.  I want out of psycho evaluations that I can forsee where they are already going with the tests thus they really aren't reliable testing for people with intelligence to figure out how to  pass.

I guess I will just go in ask what I can do outpt.  Hope to heck my insurance will cover this and  be free of the inpt part asap.   My family is really freaking about mom being gone.
I am so down and already was down as my endorphins are bottomed out from the detox.  I needed good news at this time to feel better like what I did was good.  I have to now just get over this anger and jump thru the hoops.

Any info is helpful on inpt rehab.  or even outpt rehab.   I hate sitting around staring at walls and listening to people drone on  things which don't concern me or is none of my business to hear.
Thanks for all the wonderful feedback.  I admit I am not myself tonight.  I am usually a bit more positive.
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I think if I was an office worker the problems would not be so severe.  But I have to go to work handing out narcotics if and when I get my license back so my issues are such that they do go as far to the other side as they can go to treat me.  It's like rehab ramped up. lol  and really truly not feeling much like laughing now but have to find some humor in this or will go screaming out in the night.

God bless you people on this board.  Not for anything has this board helped me to be at day 4 of detox.  No thanks to my counselor , but many thanks to these people suffering on this board with me.

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I did go to inpt treatment. I had also detoxed myself before I went. I was told that they have everyone come in for at least 24 hrs of monitoring just to be sure. I can say that it was hard!!!
Being away from my husband and kids was torture.  The treatment I was in was based on the 12 step program. I can say I was hell bent on not letting anyone no my whole story.  I would tell bits and pieces, but not everything. I was there for 3 weeks before I finallly just let it all out. I found out that I was not the only "medical " professional there that was experiencing the same thing I was going through with the license,etc.. I know for me when I finally gave it all up.... I truly went into my recovery. By the time I was finished on day 28 I was told my numerous others that I had a wonderful glow and smile that was just awesome. I was also told this by those just entering and they truly wanted what I had found. I cannot tell you that it is right for you, but is the best thing I have ever done. I am 11mos and 5 days clean and sober and I thank God for each and  every one. I am facing some big things now like pancreatic cancer, but I know that I can make it with all of the support I have. Also, you can make life long friendships and truly have people who will understand exactly what you are going through and where you are coming from. Good Luck and God Bless you.
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Check your personals.
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