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what to,do abt mindfuck

How do you stop the constant mindfuck of wanting a,pill!
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Hi  the only thing I know that will work is N/A  google N/A meeting near you and start going  with time you will actually loose the desire to use if you go to the N/A website there is a 800# that will give you a recovering addict to talk with 24/7 pick up the phone b/4 pick up a pill............................Gnarly.............................
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Hi, ya, that's addiction. As much as we want to stop, we just can't on our own. Gnarly is right, seek out an NA meeting, or even AA. AA is becoming more and more open to all addictions, where in the old days it was just for booze. We have a much better understanding about the disease now.

What kind of pill? painkillers? Have you been on them long? read some of the past threads, lots of good info, and of course ask any question you might have. Plenty of people who know the exact thing you ae describing are willing to share what works for them.
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Gnarly is right on here.   Quitting is easy.  Staying clean is HARD.

What you're coming up against is the mental addiction...and imo, the best way to FIGHT it is to talk to other addicts.  

Meetings.   N/A, A/A, lots of them.  If you don't like one of 'em, go to another.   If you're really having trouble with the cravings, go to 3 meetings a day...I'm serious.  And TELL folks you're having trouble with the cravings.

Are you seeing a doctor?  If not, it might not be a bad idea to schedule an appointment for a thorough physical.  

Make sure you are eating a REALLY balanced diet.  Whole grains, fruit, vegetables, lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey, pork).  Drink a TON of water.   Screw soda for now...it's not good for you.

Part of your brain screaming at you to take a pill is because you're body wants endorphins...and your brain hasn't re-adjusted yet.  EXERCISE helps cravings a lot.   Play a game of basketball...HARD.   Go for a really long walk....anything that gets your heart pumping and you sweating is good for your head and the rest of you too.

You have a disease.  It's a tough one....don't give in and let it win, 'cause it will kill you or land you in prison.   Good luck, sweetie.
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wow that was a really creative way to get that word into the main title of your post without it being blocked out.  that is so great!!!!  :)))  for me the bottom line to stop using and to combat the wanting, though that still happens (wanting to), has been to get to the root of the issues that underlie my using.  i did that through individual therapy and an intensive outpatient treatment program.  i also agree that 12 step helps as well as exercise.  in the early stages keeping busy was a big part of the game.  sticking to a schedule / routine during the week helped me as well.  good luck!
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