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what to do?

I have been on ,percocet, for about 15 years. Started out using it for pain and I still have pain. I want to go off the drug because I am, addicted, to it and am taking more and more. Weird because it doesn't get me high, never did but gives me a warm feeling. My question is how can I get off the percs while still keeping the, pain under contro,. I have tail bone pain and have tried shots, NSAIDS and lidocaine patches. Any advise appeciated.

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Hi there. Not sure why none of us saw your post, but welcome. Yes, opiates stop getting us high after a while, then we just take em to NOT withdraw. For your actual pain, I've read a zillion times on here; long term opiates make pain worse! It's called hyperanalgesia. Basically, when you get off of them, you will have rebound pain at first and then it will take a while to honestly evaluate your true pain. You really don't know what it is, and haven't known for 15 years.

The addiction is the core issue. Have you detoxed before? Where do you get your meds? (dr, street, both) You will have to cut all your contacts to be successful. Most importantly you'll need to address the addict inside you that's there whether you are taking pills or not.

Tell us more. And when are you starting?
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Hi and Welcome!  I too started out on the pain meds for pain!  Stayed on them for years...in the end always needing more to get me through and doing whatever I needed to to get more!!!   Once I decided to detox off of them I too wondered about the pain!  But once I got through the withdrawals and started going to aftercare and gave it a good month or so I realized that my pain was barely there anymore!  There is hope!!!  These days all I need is tylenol sometimes for the pain!!!  It is such a relief to be off the opiate roller coaster!!  I was getting all the shots too for my pain while I was using and havent needed one since I stopped!!!  SO there is hope!!!  Keep on posting and let us know how you are getting on!!!
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Ditto X2!

I took oxycodone for 8 years for pain.  It stopped working, and I didnt' know how I was going to deal with what I thought was very bad pain.  Now, 5 months off them, I'm shocked that my pain isn't really that terrible.

When I first stopped the oxy, it was pretty awful.  Hyperalgesia...rebound pain...from all our opiod receptors screaming for the drugs they are used to.  But it is temporary, thank goodness.

Now, when I have pain, I take care of myself...I rest, or work less, use ice, heat, ibuprofen, massage, etc.    When I was on oxycodone, (same ingredient as in Percocets) I was "superwoman" and would grind through 12 hour days.  It was wrecking my body in the process.

if you want to get off the percs and need support, this is a great place to start.

Hope to see you around!

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