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what to do?

okay I know I use this forum a lot but I'm having a lot of trouble.  The fentanyl/Percocet withdrawals got really really bad and I went to the emergency room.  The dock wanted to put me on Subutex (Suboxone) but no pharmacy in the state (Alaska) has it! So she just gave me some ativan! What the hell! What am I saposed to do buy some off the street?! please tell me what to do before I go back to the patches/pills!
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I have no idea what you should do as far as medical treatment, but all of us know that getting our DOC from the street is not the right decision...no matter how bad it is.  I'm not at all familiar with Suboxone (my problem is hydro).  is your regular doctor working with you on the Percocet withdrawal process??  What what so bad that you were forced to the ER...it must have been bad?  I'm surprised that you have not been admitted to a detox facility while you withdraw.  Are you trying to detox by yourself...meaning w/o consultation of your doc?  Yicks....you can't do this alone because your decision-making skills are too comprised, not to mention that you need medical assistance is coming off such a powerful drug.  I'm sure others will pipe in on this post any minute now.  All I can say is pleeeeeeeez don't resort to street purchase.  It is a deadend path...you know that.  We are here for you.  Ali
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how long have you been w/o your DOC?  you can do this.  it is not easy but some here have gotten off the patches and percs.  hang in there.  more will be here with advice soon.  just dont go back to the drugs.
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Can your pharmacy have some overnited, maybe a stupid thought....but won't hurt to ask. call Dr. and ask if there is an alternitive????
sorry I'm not much help.
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I agree with addict if you have a script I would try something like rite online or something like that there are legitimate online pharmacies I dot know how hard this might be to do the doctor would most likely have to fax a script.
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If you can hang in there a few more days the ativan will really help w/the assoc anxiety and w/d.  Don't doubt yourself you can beat this.  A few days of discomfort is worth getting your life back
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wanna ,
she has been on fentanyl patches her withdrawl will be more severe and last a good deal longer .
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Fentanyl (like oxycodone, ritalin, etc.) is a CII narcotic and as such, can only be dispensed from a pharmacist with a hand-written prescription, and is never permitted any refills.  I have doubts as to whether anything could be done through an online pharmacy or faxed for the patches or the percs.  I don't mean to sound like a pompous know-it-all, but working for Drs. for so long makes you pretty knowledgeable.

:) Meg

Baby: I'm sorry to hear you are in such a dilemma, but please don't buy off the street.  You don't want to be broke and/or in trouble for what your body is telling you that you "need".  I also apologize that I am not knowledgeable of your situation (as in why you are taking them), so if any of this sounds mean, I'm sorry :(
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Sorry - I meant to also say that this is how it is in Michigan, I'm not sure if it is state or federal regulations that make it that way.
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She is trying to get sub ....she was on the fentanyl patch   I have not looked up subs class anyway it cant hurt to contact a pharmacy and find out
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Sub is not classed with percs etc as it is not as often abused...it would be verypossible to get it online with a reputable pharmacy and a scip...plus any drugstore has options to order drugs that they do not have on hand....do try ur options before u give up...it is worth it,,,and sorry for ur predicament
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okay - I guess I misinterpreted, I thought she was going to try to get the patch/percs that way.  In any sense, sub (buprenorphine/naloxone) is a opioid (partial agonist-antagonist) + opioid antagonist - 2 part med in other words.  I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense at all - it is just drilled into my brain from writing so many scripts for the doctors that I worked for.  

Anyways, it is a CIII narcotic and should be able to be shipped either from her doctor, or from a legitimate online pharmacy.  Hope some of this helps, or I may have just been blabbing on for nothing.
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No...meg..i did not know for sure so thanks for clarifying...i do know it is not classed in the same schedule as oxy, hydros,,,etc
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Meg ,dont even worry about it ..Thank you for telling us what class it is this means she might be able to get some ...I think it would help her...
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thanks for all your responses. So I've been doing the runaround trying to get this medicine, which will take about a week, and I realized Im pretty much getting over with the withdrawals!  I mean, don't get me wrong I have cravings but I don't beleive Sub helps with the mental part, and if so I just feel like I don't need it anymore.  My doctor put me on Phenobarbital for the seizures (the reason I was in the ER in the first place) Im not very familiar with this drug but it doesn't feel addictive.  The ativan helped a little I had to taper off of it because I was starting to feel myself watching the clock waiting for my mom to dispense me another one.  But all in all I feel ok.  Couldn't have done it without you guys.  Thanks again.
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Phenobarbital   is addictive just so you are aware :)
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