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why do they advertise PAIN KILLERS 4 sale

why?   on this website?
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I mentioned that a long time ago. When you are at your weakest that's the LAST thing you wanna see, huh? But, YOU are in control, just don't look there...I know easier said than done.
IGNORE IT, that's what pays for this forum, and we ALL need it to stay right here. They will change, come and go, but you will still be here!
Dopeless Hope Fiend!
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Yes because it pays for the site. So what. It is there. I just ignore it.
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Thats easier said than done man!!
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Steve...I tell ya, taking vitamins, baths, watching movies, vodoo, whatever.....NONE of it works, it is ALL about your willpower and if you REALLY want to stay straight!  If the ads bother you, not to sound like an A**...go to a clinic, NA meeting or a "head" doctor to find out why it is you want to get high!  Man, I have been clean, sober, clean, sober about a million times, the only thing that ever helped me was hitting rock bottom and really looking inside myself.
If you have a girfriend/boyfriend they can help out with the withdrawls, if you catch my drift. It is the easiest way to relax your body and get some real sleep, at least for an hour or two.  Good Luck
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Yea, I thought that was a little strange too.
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