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why does my stomach hurt ?

do any of you out there that has been CT for very long have stomach problems.. for some reason ever sense i went ct from the tramadol my belly always hurts and is bloted in the mornings... it feels like my belly is swolen and it burns when i get up in the morning. it usualy goes away after i get some coffee and a bagel or something to eat.. my belly didnt do this when i was on the pills. i take prilosec everyday for acid reflux for 2 years. so nothing is different other than the tramadol is gone
but now when i wake up in the morning i look pregnate and my stomach burns and akes... got any idea why?     jeffjeff
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Are you the one who takes Kratom?  I read on two different times, a story like that with someone who was taking kratom.  It was a reaction that they started devloping slowly, now they have to stay away totally.  Also kratom makes you constipated, and that could be it too.

*If your not the kratom guy, then sorry, wrong guy :)*
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yeah I don't think that was you after all, sorry, I should have done my research first!
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yea i was the one using kratom and my belly was doing that before i started using kratom.. the kratom actuly makes my belly feel better.... i think i got the same thing my friend had once... you can get this wird bactira in your stomach and it causes ulser like symptoms and you got to take a special antibotic that very expansive to get rid of it.. guess i better see a dr about it
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