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why isnt there info in all medications addication

I have been on xanax for many years, when i first went on them they came in a bottle ,after many years they changed to a box which only a few times had a write up about them ,i was abit shocked to read it all . tottaly addicted,
i have raised the issue with my doctor ,,a few times, he told me keep taking them. he has increased the amount from 2 pkts to 4 pkts x1.mg  plus has put me on lexapro 10mg now 20mg. i have spinal problem pain factor so he put me on oxyecoton, said dont stay on them more than 3 days there addicted. i did this once . next time i seen my doctor i advised him im not taken oxyecoton ,they diddnt help with pain plus im having enough problems with xanax and i dont want to get addicted to oxyecoton. i am dertimed but yes its hard i was up to 8 to 10 tablets a day 1mg back to around 5 .for panc attacks or deppression i advise DONT GET PUT ON XANAX THERE BAD NEWS.
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first let me say welcome,second let me say i agree xanax is a horrible drug i was ut on xanax for anxiety i was supposed to take 0.5 mil 3x a day but i did not like the way they made me feel so i only took i 0.5 mil at night to help me sleep well i did tht for about 6 months and started having terrible nightmares and it wasnt helping me sleep so i decided to quit taking them i went through he'' trying to get away from thoes things i have been off of them for a little over a month and am still having problems with anxiety and no sleep i went cold turkey not knowing the danger untill i found this forum i had every withdrawal sympton there is ,heart palpitations,chest tightness, headaches,sleeplessnessanxiety  depression you name it and when i told my doctor she said the dose was so low that it should not have bothered me and not to worry about it i told myself it was time to find another doctor, i wish you well and if you have any questions keep posting everyone here is very kind and helpful you will get answers here.
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I agree xanax is h***. My sisiter was on them for like 10 yrs.  Not to say she still dont take pills she just went to something else.  Which is no good either.  I myself cant take them cause they make me very irritable the next day.  They are very addictive.  I take Cymbalta which releases feel good endorphines.  Maybe get your dr. to start you on that.  You can google it or search it on here and find out all about it.  Xanax works your liver overtime.,  All I can say is start tapering off and pray alot.  If your Dr. doesnt seem concerned find another one.  I do hope you can get off of them.  Much Luck
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Another option if you read the aminos health page is to take L-theanine that can really help when it comes to anxiety and panic attacks. I also was on regular xanax for a couple of years, before that had been on valium, librium and ativan at seperate times. When I did start xanax it really worked wonders for my anxiety, stress and panic attacks, but it comes with the price of addiction and if not properly tapered you risk having siezures which can potentially have devastating effects. I eventually after 2 1/2 yrs of use, started on Xanax XR 2mgs daily vs. the 4mgs of regular xanax that I was taking, it made a huge difference in eliminating all the bad side effects that I started having. Not to say that Im recommending it for anyone but it did help me tremendously. Back to the L-theanine, Ive never tried it, but supposedly its like a natural valium that some people can substitute for the very addictive benzodiazepines that are commonly prescribed. Im planning on giving it a try after I get done tapering off the xanax, good luck with everything.
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