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Cravings are kicking my asssssssss.........this to shall pass!?
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We train our brain by useing so long it's locked in . We need to think of other things like  candy or Glass of ice water when stressed retrain our brain . Stay tuff free , Think how you Hate the pills again,  remember what they do to you & yours . ..... Ron  
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Yeah I'm working it ..hoping out for a while so that will keep me busy..tomorrow is my last day :)I'm doing good so far today was definitely a reminder of how this shitsneaks up on you.......
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How are you?  I miss reading your posts...
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Cravings are so awful!! But, the do go away...thank god! Just hang in there, better days are coming for sure!!
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YES! Read the posts (or maybe you already have?) people are getting clean and healthy every day, one day at a time. We all have to pay the piper, and let our brains and bodies heal. Apologies as i cant remember the specifics of your recent posts...but are you doing your part to help the process (ie getting some good support, resting and exercising, eating, etc)?

Ps I am practicing what I preach...I'm around 50 days give or take a day and I tell myself the same things everyday...a work in progress :)
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Lol I am reading seems like all I do lately :) ....I have met some great people on this site....well today is my last day of my taper woohoo....I feel pretty good I did a 4 week taper so it was fairly painless....but the cravings like you said we have to retrain our thought processes....I am getting support and walking the walk ...I don't mean to toot my own horn but I was able to resist for 4 weeks while I tapered .I am so proud of my self ..I have been on and off pills for years and never even made it past day 2 on a taper....so I have definitely achieved something....I'm looking forward to the rest of my life free from pills...I know there will be ups and downs and I'm ready for the fight...thank you for your support  ....I no longer have to count pills WOOOHOOO...god that is so freeing.I'm on a natural high and loving me and my life :)
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Hi Free...your positive attitude will get you far! You have definitely achieved somthing great. Isn't freeing not to have to count and worry every day?! I can take a craving here and there over that worry and hopelessness anyday.

I could never make it far either (2-3 days at best) (until now!). I know what you mean...you don't want to 'toot your own horn' but you just feel so proud of yourself! So happy for you...keep posting and let us know how you're feeling!

I'm going to throw one more thing out there...and again if you've already posted on this im sorry...but do you have any support lined up?  Tapering is tough- mentally. You've done so good. Now you're at day 1 of nada. The mental aspect of that may try to bite you. I know we all read it on here 100x a day but some form of aftercare is so important...again...I love seeing posts and comments like yours I could feel your happiness coming through the screen...kit  ~L
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oh wow, congrats!!!  you can do this! I remember my day one after my taper, now its day 106. I tapered for two months before I jumped. Be sure to flush the pills and cit connections before you start day 1.

Please keep in mind, all of the time, that the mental side of it will GO AWAY. I can't stress it enough, because for me it was killer, but I kept telling myself it owuld end, like peeps here told me it would, and it did. It took a full month for most of the brain to heal, and a full three months for me to feel back to normal again, and to feel like I have a new life.

Youc an do this, and we will be here for you. Get ensure for when youc an't eat, take vitamins and stay hydrated, and time will pass, you will heal. It is the best gift you will ever give yourself, it's the best gift anyone will ever give you, period.
a new life!!

keep posting, we will help you every step of the way,
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