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wicked depression and anxiety

Coming down off of 100 mg a day oxy abuse for the past 5 months. Physically I'm fine. But SOOO depressed and anxious. Haven't had a pill in 2 weeks used a small amount of sub for detox, worked fine, but I'm listless and sad and nervous. On top of that my Girl and I just bought a house and we close in 2 weeks. I'm not me.....anyone.....anyone........Bueller?
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congrats, be proud of yourself!!! I am weaning myself off of  oxys also, im hoping that you will feel better soon, if the physical part is over your well on your way but your mind will get better, please pm me ve never come off these before, but did come off meth a few years ago, after afew weeks if i kept busy i felt better, it was a effort to keep busy, but did much better, good luck grea for you on the house. but what am i in store for with w/d?
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Give yourself some time to heal your mind and body.  The depression and anxiety will get better with time.  Are you taking any vitamins??  Those really helped me.  Try getting some exercise also.  I know it sounds like alot of work but that does help.  I used to walk around my house!!!  You are heading in the right direction and 2 weeks is great!!!!  A new home.........exciting but stressful........you will do fine.  Stay strong      sara
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I have the miracle drug for you - Sam-E.  400 mg once a day.  It is amazing.  I am 5 days off the oxy and I was crying my eyes out.  One Sam-E and pow!  I was fine.  No up, no down, no sleepy, nothing. Just no more crying.  You can find it in the vitamin section of nearly any drug store.  But make sure to buy NatureMade.  I checked, and it is the only brand that when tested actually had the right amount of Sam-E per tablet.  

Look for sales, this stuff is expensive, but I found it on sale someplace, Walgreens, CVS, the supermarket for two for one.  

It saved my life.

Good luck.

P.S.  It works pretty fast too.  Not like any anti-depressant I ever tried in the past that had horrible side effects and took weeks to work.  This usually works for me within an hour.  

I am only 5 days off the oxy, so I am further behind than you, but the depression is the worst part and that Sam-E really saved me.  I heard that in Europe it is the number one prescribed anti-depressant, but they don't like it over here, because no drug company kickbacks.  It is classified as a vitamin or something.  I don't really know.  It also says it is good for joint pain, which I am having.  So, two for one!  

Try it.  (Truth be told, I took two of the 400mg tablets the first day and then went down to one a day.  The box says only take one a day.  But, I was so miserable.  An hour later I was fine again.  Not happy.  Just not feeling so terrible.)
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Others have mentioned Sam-E.  Worth the money if it works!!!!  Thanks for the info.
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P.S.  go to the health pages and look for the amino acids remedy.  You don't have to take all of them, but a lot help with anxiety.

Oh, and by the way.  When totally healthy, buying a house is as stressful a thing you can do, so a lot of this is just what life is like.  You are terrified of the mortgage, will you like it, will it go down in price, all those things.  Then there is buyers remorse.  What have I done?  Why did I agree to this?  But that all goes away.  You start decorating and the house becomes yours.  It becomes a part of you.  I am sure you are also scared about the commitment to your girl.  Take a deep breath.  Make sure this is what you want to do.  If so, then take some Sam-E to help with depression, and just understand that it is normal to be anxious about such a big purchase.  

Then it goes away.  You realize you can always sell the thing and break up with the girl if it doesn't work out.  You are not chained to it for life.  You will still have options and a way out.  This is not a dead end alley.  
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Good to know about the SAM-e for depression!  But what about anxiety?  I can't get anything RX so is there anything OTC?  Someone once told me about Valarian root but that didn't really help too much.  Anything else because the anxiety is what REALLY is the worst part for me.
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