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withdralws from tramadol ??

been on 100mgs over a year now.. 50 mgs 2x a day..i use it for my restless leg syndrome..i was prescribed a new one ( ropinirole) I need to stop this tram.

can I cold turkey it or a taper? I wouldn't see how I could taper it, its only 50 mgs tabs..

have you experienced this? thanks!!
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Hi there!! I'd definitely taper because of the risk of seizures. I went cold turkey from a 5 year, 50-60 pill a day addiction, not fun!!! Please stay away from this drug, the withdrawals from this are horrific and last a long time. Keep posting and let us know how your doing.
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yes trams are very addictive even at 100mg I was on them before and they where hell on me worst time of my life but there are some on here that quit trams so you can to
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I just came off tramadol. The withdrawl process is insanely horrible. Not trying to scare you but it is. Tramadol is highly addictive. I'm on day 13 and feeling so much better finally. Good luck! Please don't do if cold turkey, you can have seizures.
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