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withdrawal from pain pills, depression?

i have been abusing pain medication for probably about a year now. i was never prescribed to them, they just kinda found their way into my life and before i knew it i was hooked. now i never actually took them for any reason other than the high (i usually crushed and snorted them). i am on day 8 after quitting cold turkey and as all of you already know the first 3-4 days were the physically the worst. i feel a lot better now except the psychological stuff i have to deal with. i feel severly depressed at times and i suffer strong cravings. back when i was using i wouldnt ever really touch them untill night/evening time so now my nights just seem extrmly boring and empty. everything i did when i was high i cant do anymore because im sober (read a book, watch tv, video games, write, music) nothing seems the same. i was just wandering how long im going to have to deal with this. how long does the depression last. i know that i need to start trying to fill the void in my life but it isnt easy to do right now. i fear a relapse coming if this continues much longer.............  also if for some reason i did relapse once 15-20 days from now and i only did it once, like a hydro/10 or 2, would i have 2 suffer the physical withdrawal all over????
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I used lortab for many  more years than you and they became my personality so i am going to have to find myself so i know how you feel. i do not enjoy anything right now 3-days w/d. i just pray that we can find ourself, and not go back to using. tired of trying to "find" the pills and living a lie. with u i am. you are not alone!!
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Hi.  I am 31 days off vicodin.  Didn't really do other pills.  Didn't need them, like you I took them for the wonderful feeling and got hooked.  I don't have physical withdrawls anymore other than the depression and craving I still seem to feel.  I don't know how long it can last, but I dream about them.  Life kinda sucks right now and it would be so easy to slip back into them, but I refuse!  Life was no damn cup of tea doing them either, felt like **** when didn't have them, panic when I was close to running out, buying them, lying, using bill money, you name it.  So what the hell was so good about them - that is what I keep telling myself.  I know getting off of them cold turkey sucks, but you probably made it through the worst.  Now we all just need to get off our pity pot and get out of our houses back into the real world. Your energy level will come back too, mine is - slowly but surely!  Hang tough, please, don't give up because if you do you'll have to go through this all over again someday.  I'll be thinking about you both.
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i have progressively been taking pain pills for almost 5 yrs now.  it started as taking 1 or 2 percs for fun.  now im taking 30-60 mg of roxy or oxycontin almost every day.  when i stop taking it for a day or two...i get withdrawals - sweats, anxiety, muscle cramps, diarrhea, and sometimes fever.  at first i thought it was the flu then i realized i was having withdrawals. im 24 yrs old.  its the only thing that makes me feel good but i know this is bad and want to stop.  have been diagnosed with depression since i was 15yrs old.....i want to stop but i dont think the antidepressants do anything for me... i had been taking 30mg of paxil since i was 15- tried to stop and get withdrawals from that too... i hate being dependant on a drug...sometimes its just so hard to get out of bed.  what can i do to feel normal w\o taking any drug? my father is also a manic -depressant and thinks i need to take something like he does..please help... sometimes life makes me feel like im in a coma, will stay in bed for days...like im paralyzed...please help me enjoy life again w\o the use of drugs....
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i am going through the same thing right as we speak! i feel like dieing, i have been on hydro for about 2 years straight none stop, started out with a hurt back then i started buying them to feel good, i tell you what though i am coming off them and it sucks bad time, i found out i was pregnant and i was never the type to do drugs never! but its like herion they say, and i think about taking one to just stop this hell of a feeling but i have already came through alot of withdrawals just by cutting down and tonight is my first night without one at all, i took one 10 yesterday and for 4 days i have been so so sick, but i have to do this for my baby! and my other family also for myself i am right in the boat with all of you, damn the person who ever made these life sucking pills!!!! i hope we all do well i am trying so hard prayers are here goodluck all! wish me luck! no sleep tonight i know!!!!
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Welcome to the forum. You should copy your post and start a new one. This is an old post and we will want to get to know you.
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I Sympathise with you opiods are a great antidepressent at times, beats any ssri med ive tried in the past, that's what worrys me too about being free of opiods, Paws syndrome lingering on for a year would drive anyone nuts but what choice is there? hopefully it will pass have you tried exercise to raise them endorphines up? diet etc , i guess eventually you will feel normal again.
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