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withdrawal medication

My question is....Has anyoine had experience with medication perscribed to help with hydrocodone withdrawals? if so what are they and what do they do??
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As far as I know, the medications perscribed by a doctor to help with withdrawals are methadone or suboxone, they are a synthetic opiate and are supposed to block the pleasure receptors the real opiates give you making you not want any. Which, from what I hear, these are real ***** to get off of as well. Some say it is just trading one addiction for another. But, if your doctor is on board to help you then you should ask him about tapering and you can also look at the natural ways to help ease wd's with the amino acid protocal and the Thomas recipe. Wd's suck, i'm only on day 6 but things are definetly better than 3 days ago, one day at a time i guess. Good Luck! :):)
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Neither Suboxone or Methadone are designed as withdrawal medications if that is what you are asking. One thing the doctor can give you to help ease withdrawal is Clonidine. There are also otc medications and natural supplements that we can recommend.
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I was prescribed Belladonna PB for stomach issues the same day I decided to stop hydro. not for that but for IBS. I had a real easy wd and wondered if this helped. I also took advil and tylenol every 2 hours weather I needed it or not. I understand you can actualy get belladonna otc without the PB.
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My doctor has prescribed Clonidine, a BP med used for withdrawals, and Mirapex, for restless legs, in the past.  Both helped immensely, along with otc meds.
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hi as far as meds a doctor can prescribe cloadine with\ch is a B/P med is the only on thats non addictive some doctors will write you a script for xanex mabe give you 12 pills to help with the anxiety but there highly addictive and shouldn't be used more then a couple of days if you look to the lower right of the screen you will find something called the thomas recipe
it has a lot of stuff that will help you threw withdrawals  theirs no magic cure but with a little help form this site we can get you threw a home detox keep posting for support good luck and God bless  Gnarly  
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My dr perscribed me buspar:/ and what ive read about it, it doesnt do much of anything. Im going to check out some of the herbal remedies and see how that goes. Thanks everyone(:
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