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withdrawal symptoms

How long is withdrawal from Hydrocodone 10's after using 5-10 per day for two years?
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Everyone is different but I do agree with everyone else. For me the first 2 days were hell then by the third day I noticed I was felling a little better. There are going to be some days that are easierthan others. I would say that by day 5 I was feeling like a new person and was ready to face my problems. I don't have any groups that I go to but this forum is my help! Good luck to you and we are all here for you!
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I was taking pretty much the same amount, I was taking 6 per day but for 7 years, and I think the same and be prepared for the emotional roller coaster of emotions!! Best of luck and look into the Amino's because they really help a lot!!
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I 4th that...hehe

GETTING clean is the EASY part..STAYING clean is the HARD part...

.Get  a plan in place for the recovery...the road to a good life....
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That sounds right to me too 5-7 days.  After the physical sickness is gone there is so much more to be done than you might realize, at least it was for me.  I had no idea how many 'issues' I had not dealt with while using!
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agreed.....your looking at a week or so for physical w/d and it took me MONTHS before I felt even sorta normal again. It was quite a wake up call for me and I was only using hydro for maybe 8 months......

...I think you need to tell your doc and get some taper help.

Good Luck.

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5-7 days for the worst of the physical symptoms I believe.It will take much longer for the mental so I hope you have an aftercare program in place. Good luck
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