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ending day 3, getting thru o.k, i just feel horribly depressed and alone,is this normal. ive had a couple houre of feeling better physically, but it usually gets worse after 12:00, in my addiction I used up all my friends and family,so I literally have no one,now that im not high im feeling so lonely
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Hi Hun..yes, it is very normal. Kinda feeling like you lost your best friend? Yup...normal.

That is why it is so strongly recommended that you attend NA or AA meetings..your choice. You need to find new friends..clean and sober ones. You need to interact with people who are just like you now. And, you need to find a sponsor. She will become your life line. It is amazing how things will change once you do this. And from there..ask around and try to get a recommendation for a good addiction specialist/counselor. You can deal with the issues that got you using in the first place.

I hope you will take peoples advice and I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there.

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thank you so much. before I didnt care that i had no one,but now it hurts. I use to go to aa before,since I was an alcoholic before.
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