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Please help me get off of these pain pills. I'm scared of the withdrawal phase and know just how depressing and painful it can be to get off of them. I tried it once before and it was so unbearable that I popped like 6pills. I take these pills because they help me get out of bed in the morning, they give me motivation to do things. But I guess its interfering with my friendships. So I am asking everyone if they can please help me. Should I ween off? I don't think I can quit cold turkey. I don't have the discipline
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You have not mentioned what you where taking, how long, and what dose..

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Oh girl, you can do this, and we are all here to support you! I am on day 8 and if you can just get through the first 4 days or so, you will be feeling so much better and be ready to tackle recovery head on. I know what you mean, i used them just to feel normal, to get out of bed, to be around people comfortably. Anyhow, get yourself some multi vitamins, some magnesium ( this will help with the restless legs), and personally i use benadryl to help me sleep. You can get this over the counter, its an antihistamine allergy medicine that can help you sleep/relax. People on here say immodium, which is also over the counter, to help with the diarrhea. So far i havent needed that one, but maybe stock up just in case. Also read the health pages, to the right of this page. The amino acid protocol is there, most say it helps, i havent used it so im not sure. Maybe find some meetings, and any other means of support you can, you will need it, and you have us here for support too, keep posting and read through some of the posts, it does help so much. You CAN do this, you have it in you, you are stronger that those darn pills, trust me you are. I am praying for you, God Bless
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No matter what you do to get off, there is no way without some very uncomfortable times.It will take discipline. But it is worth it,and so are you. What pills are you on?
I am tapering off methadone and will go through some rough times,so be it.Please listen here and you will get some help to get ya clean. Good luck,hope you do ok.
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Yes they do give you motivation at first, but in time they will wear you down mentally and physically.  Your social life will go down the tubes.  Your love life will go down the tubes.  Eventually your life will spiral out of control.  I was on them for about 4 or 5 years on and off.  They controlled my life.  My marriage was falling apart.  I seen it all coming to an end. I quit CT from 15 pills a day.  You can do it too!!!  Keep talking with us and we will get you thru it.

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I was on 20 pills a day. I went and talked to a drug counselor. We talked of several ways to get off these dreaded pills. In the end cold turkey was my method. I just came to a point where I wanted to be done with it. I promise you it is worth it. We all feel your pain but you must try to not be afraid talk to a pro. I am on day 13 and although the beginning was tough, each day is better.  We're here for you
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first thing first here and i dont mean for this to sound like im an ahole or anything but i noticed you said you guess its getting in the way which makes it sound like the only reason you want to stop is for other ppl and i can tell you right off the bat here that one of the biggest things is you have to want to quit for YOU before anyone else of 99% of the time it wont stick and you will go back to the pills because i used to be like that and the only reason i wanted to stop was for other ppl and i would quit and go right back to them until the day i decided i was ready to quit because I WANTED TO not because someone else wanted me to
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If you are having trouble  you might want to try rehab--it makes the first few weeks a lot easier to cope with --plus you get the tools that you need to stay clean. Also rehab sometimes can provide you with some assistance in terms of getting through withdrawl--there are some meds that can really help. Also you do not need to be drug free to go to AA and/or NA meetings. and if you go you will meet people who want to help.  You sound just like me . The drugs got me moving everyday. I was very productive while I was high. if you go to meetings you will hear many people tell your story. Don't do this alone. Connect with others,  you are very sick and you need help. take care, carollann1e
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