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How can i stop abusing opiates?
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Although you's is a general question, I think the one answer is - you have to want to stop. Very simple but true. Now having said that, that doesn't mean that just because you want to you will. The time will come when you know - you may be ashamed, tired, or just plain disgusted with yourself. I abused for over ten years. I wanted to stop many times, knew I had to, but didn't. 41 days ago I'd had it, flushed my meds and went cold turkey. I was at the point where I couldn't look at myself in the mirror anymore. That's what did it for me.   When the time comes for you, we will be here to help and support.
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welcome to the place to be if you want to stop opiates..but thats a broad statement...the first thing that comes to mind is dont take them lol. sit on your hands lol.

but thats not your real question is it? please share more info with us...like what youve been taking..how long how much...what for? and what do you want to do?

please dont feel alone..we all had and still have that question. we are all here for one perpose..to get clean and stay clean. we dont judge..we help one another and support one another...welcome to the best place for you to be if ya want help....bama
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