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Hi there.  My sister has managed in the past to go cold turkey for 4 days, on several attempts and then always caves after the 4th day.  She is on approx 250mg of codeine 3 times a day.  Could anyone tell me approx how long it takes for the worst of the withdrawals to be over? when will she start to feel better? and how rapidly ( or slowly) will she improve after the withdrawal symptoms havereached their peak?  thanks so much for your help, I just want to show her there is hope xxx
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There's some information on my profile page that may be helpful. Just click on the blue GaGuy link to the left of this post.
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The physical withdrawal can last up to 6..even 7 days (with that dose). If she has gone 4 days, then she knows what to expect in terms of symptoms, i.e. chills..sweats...bathroom runs..sneezing..etc.

After the physical is over, the mental game will begin. She will need to secure a support system of some sort. The cravings will continue.

Tell her there is hope and she can live her life clean. Good luck, and any other questions, just ask.

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tell her she never has to do those 4 days again!!!!!  i never want to do those first 4 days again.  oh, i hope!!!!!  

i am not as far along as others (i am day 5).  would she ever get involved in this site?  i cant tell you what it has done for me.  i think for these initial days it has been better than meetings for me (aa/na meeting) because going through withdrawls you don't want to go out, or do much of anything.  

I am scared for the "mental game" though as IB says - - - I think your sis needs to think in advance of some options that might work for her?  na meetings?  education on recovery?  i don't know... something...  

good luck!!!
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