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honesty is great but if you keep saying how terrible wds are gonna be then a person ( especially an addict ) is gonna anticipate terrible wds and have terrible wds, unfortunatly I"ve experianced to many wds ,,5 yrs ago coming off heroin and oxys it WAS terrible,lasted  a couple weeks but I"ve also come off lortabs and felt better in 3 days and good to go in 4 and a few in between those 2,,i just think if your waitin for the worst your gonna get the worst,,gl to all it can be done no matter how you plan
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well said...I think 90 percent is mental...
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I agree the mind can make it worse for sure .  I know mine probably does that were the excuses come in for me.  It really is a mind trap I wonder if being straight could become a new high It would be another way to live I know I look very different when I'm not useing younger even weird.  face clears up I gain about 10 pounds its been a long time.  
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yea it seems like some of us cross the line from physical to mental and for me the physical part becomes secondery. thats why i fail at tapering cause the obsession gets so great its impossible not to start making deals and if there locked away then just the obsession drives me nuts. when i try to taper i cant have to many or I"ll take to many but i cant have to few cause then i get scared so i get a few and then i have to many,,sound familar to anyone ? we"ll make it
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I've been sticking to 1 or 2  pills 6o mgrms of codiene only  my withdrawls would be a joke but I am not getting past this yet and the pot smoking hell thats probably a piece of my identity by now concidering I grew up with it around me..            its mental for me thanks toomany pills you really gave me something to ponder thats why I like this forum  a lot of people give me something to think about I'm grateful to all that post here even the one that may think I'm a idiot but what other people think of me is none of my business anyways.  although I'd probably learn alot from that too.  peace to all.  that all anybody really wants. is peace
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thats rite ya cant worry about what others think ,especially if ya dont think much of yourself and that pot thing lol  i have a marajuana leaf tatoo thats 30 yrs old lol. drugs have always been around,,remember  if you were an idiot ya wouldnt know ya had a problem and you do know  or ya would know and wouldnt care ,,anyway u dont fit either one
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thanks never thought  of that either.  I do care and I do know.  I'm ok I know that but thanks for reminding me goodnight for now and sweet dreams.  
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I definitely agree with you.  I think you are doing great!!  Very proud of all your accomplishments and if you ever need to talk I'm here for ya.  I hope you have a better day today and even better one tomorrow.  Take care, Lil.
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