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withdrawl pain! only day 1

Hi all, I'm 26 y.o a mother of a 1 yr old. I started taking percs 3 years ago n have not missed a day since. I take 2 percs every 2 hours on the dot. Yup I even wake up at night jus to take some then sleep some more. It's been 3 long years since I slept 8 hrs straight. Of course I was nieve when I started taking them. I get kidney stones like it's nobodys business and I trusted my doc. Then I realized what withdraw pain is. OUCH! I wish I could play in traffic right now cuz I'm 18 hrs clean n feel horrible. Restless leg Is the devil. Nausea, body aches you name it. In my situation I can't tell anyone n still must work(with kids, let's jus say I'm so irritated it's the last thing I want) and when I'm off I'm chasing my energetic kiddo around. I know it's gonna get worse before it gets better I keep counting the hrs til i start to feel better. I'm tired of feeling groggy, revolving my schedule around when I can sneak off n take pics, oh and btw I'm now buying off the street cuz my doc doesn't supply that much. My addiction is costing me $700 a week. yup n now I'm broke. I've had enough of this ongoing haze and really want to get over the withdrawal period. But I'm still on day 1 and I dunno if I'm strong enough.  It's 2:05am obviously I can't sleep so I'm praying for the sun to come up....
Help me!!!!!
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hang in their your not the only one up.had to get up take a pill. did you taper at all .have not got to day 1 yet but working towards it .
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On Sunday I took 8 percs not 24 and Monday did cold turkey. I'm not good at weaning off I've tried in the past I'm not strong enough. I had to get rid of all my meds from the house otherwise I'd relapse.
I'm taking baths and taking t1 for aches n pains. N also gravol for nausea. I'm sooo effin scared for Tuesday I hear day 2-5 are the worst.
Are you tapering down?? Are you on percs also? How many were you taking?
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Well the good news is it's almost morning and I always feel better when the sun comes up.  I'm coming off a 6 year suboxone stint and let me tell you it *****.  I've been up for 2 weeks...literally and still have awful nights.  From everything I've heard your detox should be quicker, but in all reality rough.  
Do you have everything ready for when things are bad?  Like food readily accessable, all your minerals, water, electrolytes, immodium.  If not..get it today before you can't.  Also, what you are going through will take some time and determination but is doable.
Keep checking here for advice and support.
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Thank u for the support. This whole no Sleep thing is so ridiculously hard I feel delusional. I'm trying to watch tv but my restless legs r killing me.
I do have all my vitamins etc ready I already don't have any appetite.
You said your 2 weeks n no sleep, wow do u know approx when it will come back to u? Did u try Tylenol pm n tea?
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Hi there and CONGRATULATIONS on reclaiming your life, your freedom and your finances! When tempted to use just think about all the the things you can buy with the money instead!!! That's what I do! I took pain pills (vicodin prescribed) everything else not for 6+ years. I am now 80+ days free. Can you take time off work for the "flu"? That's what I did! I braced myself for a nasty case of the "flu" and rode it out! Your mental state will have ALOT to do with how your withdrawal experience is...believe it or not. Take everything as it comes and try not to focus on what may come . Their are some things you can do to make your experience a little more comfortable... AVOID CAFFEINE it can trigger anxiety like nobody's business, STAY HYDRATED , lots of fluids toflush those toxins out, MELATONIN, SLEEPYTIME TEA, VALERIAN ROOT, to help with sleep FOR ME Benadryl, Tylenol pm etc made the RLS so much worse! HYLANDS for rls, LOTS OF HOT EPSOM BATHS, Music to keep your mind busy and SO IMPORTANT is HET UP AND GET,MOVING! ESPECIALLY when you don't feel like it! I remember on day 3-4 approx I felt like I couldn't move. Sarah told me at least go sit in the sunshine! Let me tell you just sitting in the sun helped tremendously...it was a boost of natural energy. Sleep was the very last thing to return to me but rest assured EVERYTHING gets better! IT IS NOT EASY BUT IT IS WORTH IT! Iam here if you want/need to talk! Also look at the THOMAS recipe for additional things to help through detox,
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Btw: how old are your kiddos? I'm a mom also so maybe I can give you some tips to help you with that during detox as well.
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Hi and welcome! You are in the right place my friend. You can do this and we will be there cheering you along every step of the way! Check out the Thomas Recipe. Stay away from caffeine, because it will increase your anxiety and sleeplessness. Lots of water, juice, and gatorade to stay hydrated. The more you can drink, the more toxins will be flushed out, and the quicker you will heal. Try to stay away from sugary, fatty, and processed foods. They all can increase inflammation in our body tissues and inhibit healing. Hot baths with epsom salts help a lot with aches, pains, and restless legs. It also helps to draw out the toxins in your body. Little walks, or any exercise throughout the day also helps speed up healing and helps the restless legs. Imodium for any diarrhea that you have. Ginger root slices, or ginger ale can really help with nausea. Please stick around and keep posting. You are not alone! You are going to make it through this! Let us know what your worst symptoms are as they come and we can help you with remedies to ease them. Take care of yourself and try to keep your head up.
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I am so overwhelmed with support it's helping so much, I have re read all your comments like 112 times. I have made it exactly to the 24 hr mark, I wonna give up so bad!! But I'm getting up and getting my butt to work in a bit. It actually helped me watch the sun rise. I can't leave work cuz I'm the boss, but I'm hoping work will just keep me busy and after work I plan on taking my daughter to the park so we can both run around. I def love my caffeine but will sstay away. I'm trying to make small goals in my head to get through, today's goal Is to make it to 10pm.
My daughter is 16 months n very active, I have no help with her either.
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NO GIVING UP!!! It's not allowed!! ;) Congrats on your first big 24 hours clean! Please stay close to us. Let us help you through this. Great job with setting the small goals. It's important to have realistic expectations and take it one day, or even hour or minute at a time. Try to have a good day at work! :)  
Please keep us updated when you can. ok?
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Question: would the infrared sauna help me with detox??? Or would I jus get dehydrated?? I was thinking about going today ...???
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I think it would help you sweat some of the toxins out and might help you feel a little better. Just be sure to drink some extra water. You don't want to get dehydrated.
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Your baby will definitely help you with the exercise part! When you are feeling extra terrible get some of her favorite toys, turn on her favorite movie or tv show and put her next to you in the bed . Pretty much the same things you would do if you were down with the flu! You are doing great! NO TURNING BACK my friend!
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Hi darling! Welcome to an amazing forum stay close to us, we will definitely help you along the way. I just wanted to stop by and give you my support. My amazing friends already gave you some incredible advice :) I just turned 28 and have a one year old son. I got clean from a horrible hydrocodone addiction ( actually any type of pain pill lol) and now I'm 44 days clean and sober! Their are lots of parents on here that successfully get clean from their DOC. If I can do it, you can definitely do it! I followed the Thomas recipe(minus the benzos) and Made myself get out on day 2? I take my son out to the beach, pumpkin park, park, farmers market, jogging, etc. getting out and stretching my bones has helped me out tremendously during my detox. I am here if you need any help or advice. YOU GOT THIS!! Xoxo
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Hi. i am on same timeline as you. Been lurking around here. I have tried stopping sooo many times from a hydro addiction. I cant taper.never could, take more. I don't have small kids. 2 teenage girls. i need to do this for them.I am broke all the time.I do have an rx but always run out. going tomorrow for MRI & talk to doc about this. I am on 2 antidrpress already. so afraid of my mind...trying not to look to tomorrow even tho i know it will be bad. Just wanted to lend my support to you. I am right there with you. I have drank so much water today i am freakin floating...lol. I pray for you & everyone here. This *****!!! I am just separated from a 20 yr marriage, i want to be happy & healthy. I want to look into the future & know I don't need pills to live.  Stay well...good luck.
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How is this so darn hard??? I've only been at work for 2 hrs and it's jus horrible. I'm craving really bad. Restless legs r killing me, and I'm sweating so bad I smell like a dumpster. Ewww....!!! Skipped all the makeup today cuz eyes n nose running like a faucet. The worst is no energy n extreme nausea. I'm sorry for sounding like a baby, but day 2 is a million times worse, I really really hope I don't relapse! I really don't want to disappoint you guys, you have been so much help!!! I'm seeing posts on here of ppl saying they're 6+ days clean n I'm so jealous I dunno if I can make it to day 6.
Sorry for the rant, I'm gonna go chug a vitamin water and I must stay strong!!
Also, to wanthappiness above post, good luck!! I hope ur stronger than me
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Ps I got the Thomas recipe, minus the xanax as I can't get that. I downed all my vitamins. I'm holding onto every single word you guys r telling me. I'm gonna go walk up n down my work hallway so I don't feel the pain in my legs
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Hey, YOU CAN DO THIS! no its not easy but the best things in life usually aren't! Day 2 is terrible but you have to keep pushing through! Each day will bring you an additional measure of comfort!! Think of it as the flu & know it won't last forever!! Brighter days are coming your way! Hang in there... NO giving up! Your in the thick of it... Push through! You've got this!
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Hang in there! The 2nd and 3rd days are usually the roughest. Please have faith that things will get better. This is temporary. When you get home tonight I have a trick to help the restless legs. Take a really hot bath with epsom salts then get out, dry off, put Icy Hot on your legs and wrap them snugly in ace bandages. I promise it will help. You can leave them wrapped up all night if you need. to. You are doing such a great job! Please stay strong and stay with us.
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Hi guys, wow today is tough!!! But I'm making it, I'm 33 hrs clean.. I have now been to he'll and back. Thank u thank u thank u for the restless legs trick, I have a heat pack on my legs now, helps a bit.
I jus totally had a craving n am still nauseous. I only slept 45 min last night, n I'm not gonna lie I am FREAKING OUT and am so anxious about tonight. I will wrap my legs, but does anyone know what to do to fall asleep?? I took Nyquil n 2 gravol last night n with no results. And tmw I'm freaking working 13 hrs.
The next 24 hrs r gonna b the hardest in my life, I feel if I can make it to Friday I might start to see a tunnel... But right is a testament on my will power
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Unfortunately there is not much that helps with sleep. Often times sleep meds make things worse. They make you more tired and you still can't sleep. There are some natural things you can try. Ateril is one that comes highly recommended. It has Melatonin, Valerian Root, and other natural sleep aids in it. If you are unable to sleep, just try to go with it. Sleep will come when your body needs it. I know you feel like you need it now,  and it's really frustrating. Maybe try to keep yourself busy doing things you enjoy instead of fighting it. Watch some funny TV or movies. Listen to some good music. Chat on here, or read a good book. The more you fight it and try to force sleep, the more anxiety you will have and then it just becomes a vicious cycle. I really hope that you can catch a few zzz's tonight! It may be awhile before you're back to a full 8 hours though. Just try to keep reasonable expectations. You are doing great! 33 hours is fantastic. I know how hard every one of those hours was. Just keep pushing through. No going back now!!
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Hi all, it's kicking my ***!! I took 3 melatonin pills n slept for 40 min n woke up with intense restless leg...!!! I re applied my hot ice cream n taped up like a zombie but it's jus not helping. How long will the restless leg last for?? I am so scared I won't make it thru the night. I.am.exhausted .sick.going crazy!!!!
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