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how long does it actually take to stop perk 30s cold turkey?i been clean off herion for 28 days thnks to ma boyfriend/babydad..dnt kno wut i do wit out him... stop tht n started takin 30s everyday cus the herion killed me i did ma reg dose i do n it killed me thts how strong it was...hospital brought me back to life said if i was a min longer getin there thy wouldnt of saved me... n now i been off pills for 4 days n im startin feel like ****
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Concentrate on being alive now and keep yourself distracted! Four days is just great. Now, be sure you're eating and drinking enough. Take vitamins and minerals and eat fruits and vegetables.

Good luck!
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DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!! I had a family member that was addicted to that and it took him several weeks before it was completely out of his system.... if you have the will power to stop heroin you can do anything!! you have support standing behind you through this.... its not as bad as heroin so it shouldnt give you the tremendous terrible withdraws... you will feel weak and your body will ache and you will probably get headaches but dont give up!!! it doesnt take long before that is clear of your system..... you can do it!!!
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