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withdrawls from pain pills

I just turned 22 years old. I been addicted to pain pills for 9 years now. I started at 13 and here I am now. I have done everything from smoking Crack to triple cs to shooting meth and ice in me about 2 tears ago and that's when I caught hep c from sharing needles and starting having heart problems from shooting up. So I been down a very dark road. But I can say this none of them drugs compared to the hold pain pills have on me. I do never pills as well Xanax Valium Colonapin etc. But my addiction is to pain pills. The kind I do daily is either hydrocodone or oxycodone. Norco and percocet. My tolerance is so high to the point I take 20 10mg tabs or percocet at one time. I take 40 through out the day. When I don't have the pills in my system with in 20-24 hours of not having any the withdrawls start and they get very very bad. That's why I can't get off of them. I throw up can't eat can't sleep get a headache my whole body aches to the point I cry and rock my self. My stomach aches very bad and just the aches and pain is what I can't deal with. I do t know what to do. I do t want to do this anymore but don't know where to turn to. I tried everything I know. Rehab detox everything. I can't do it. I fail everytime. I'm young and already have health problems and I don't want that anymore but I can't stop I can't deal with the pain of the withdrawls. I even been in a coma from accidental overdosing. Please help to guide me. Thanks
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Ugh, I'm sorry you're having to go through this! It's not easy and I will tell you from experience that the longer we stay addicted, the harder it is to recover.

Can you try another rehab and do EVERYTHING they tell you? We have to really surrender that we are powerless before the transformation begins. Maybe even an addiction counselor.

I'll be praying for you and others will be along to give you some good advice. Hang in there and I'm glad you came here to admit your problem. That's a great step!
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wow 20 pills at 1 time???  that is very dangerous.  believe me i know the pain you are going thru.  I abused oxycodone for 16 months and  I am 64 days clean today.  I was taking 10-12 10mg per day.  The withdrawals were not pleasant, but if you chose to continue abusing this drug you will not win.  be strong and keep yourself busy.  I know 64 days does not get me in the clear, but i am happy and proud of myself for everyday i am clean.  Life is so much better on the other side.  Read my story i am sure it will help you.  Good luck and stay close to this site.  ppl here will help you for sure
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Sweatinit said it. Get yourself into rehab NOW. Do everything they tell you. Everything. Where are your parents?

Go now. Your brain has not even had a chance to grow properly during your formative years and you are on the fast track to death. Find a rehab now. No excuses. None.
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Oh My!!!
That many pills at once can kill you. I too started to use at the age 13 and this was back in the later 60s. It started out just being recreational and in them times everyone around was trying something. It was in the 90s when that first opiate got me so hooked for over 16yrs, as I went up the latter to a very strong opiate and was snorting other drugs with it. By the Grace of God I got help right in the nick of time or I would not be here today... I got clean at 56..PLEASE..Do not waste your life away. You are young and one day you will wake up and wonder where all the Time went in your Life..All the things you could of done if you were not chasing pills.
I know now what these drugs do to our Brain Chems and Body parts. There is no way out and you will damage your Brain & Body. Like Jifmoc said..Your Brain has not even fully developed yet. You do not want to live with a short term memory or have Heart issues or even have to be on some Kidney dialysis. Trust me we know!!!

Get to a Rehap like they said. YOU could also go to a Addiction Dr who could put you on a Sub program for right now. This way you will have to work a program and learn all you can about Addiction. This is SO serious and it is a Serious Disease. YOU need some kind of Professional help before it is to late. Plz look into this NOW!!!
Sending out a Prayer or More for you to really wake up and get your Life back.
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Hi...well with what you been threw I agree with the others a rehab is in order  yout taking a toxic level of opiets and one day your going to go to sleep and not wake up  im not a big avacat on replacement drugs but sub would be in order to give you time to work threw all this and get a support system in place  this is life or death for you  please seak help  if you have no ins  you can usually find free help threw your local mental health care  try the state one if the local does not pan out
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PLZ..Come back and let us know how you are???

I am so worried about you. You are so young. Stay with us and let us know what you are doing about this disease..We can help YOU here too!!

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