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how long does baby go through withdrawl from crack
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How long does the withdrawal from cocaine last in babies?

There is no withdrawal from cocaine. Like other stimulants including methamphetamines, cocaine is not physically addicting in the same way that narcotics are. For this reason, babies do not experience Neonatal Withdrawal Syndrome unless they have also been exposed to heroin, methadone, alcohol or some other depressant drug.

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no it not me.my niece was born addicted to crack and her grant grandma is taking care of her she is now 2 and she with thourgh a spell the other night
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The baby needs to be seen  and the spell descibed as it could be seizures and not connected to the crack @ all the good thing is that seizures in this day and age are highly treatable. It could also be many other things that are treatable and may have been a 1 time thing but Get the baby seen by the Dr.
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