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work in the medical field

according to the suboxone fact sheet people who work in the medical field and are opiod dependent are considered an "occupional Hazzard" has any other medical provider faced this issue when seeking help from a professional?  Did it affect your job?  I work with opiods, however have not abused them from work.  Only my personal script provided by my physician.  This is one of my biggest worries about seeking help.  I am not a physician.  Any one faced this?  Thanks  Tom
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but after quitting, i would not want to be working near them. Especially while you going through the withdrawl. When you can't get them anywhere else and oh it just doesn't sound like that is the place to be right now.
But i am sure you don't want to lose your job too.
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I work around them everyday in homecare setting and am looking for work in a different setting. It's making me crazy and if I keep seeing them I will relapse...it's only a matter of time. My main reason for not seeking out help is bc I'm afraid it will jeapordize my position. The company I work for is the biggest one in my state and they own almost all of the hospitals and homecare. They also own my insurance so I believe that this would come back to bite me. I was injured at work 3 1/2 years ago by tripping over a wheelchair in a cluttered closet and breaking my shoulder. This was on one of my clean for a couple month stents. They do a drug test for workmans comp and you have to sign papers that give them the right to look through your past medical records. The form I had to sign specificly said including any mental health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation records. I never want this on my medical chart bc of being in the healthcare profession.
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I was working in a doctor's office for 2 years before I quit to have my first baby.  When she was 18 months old as I have posted many times before, I had my tonsils out and sinus surgery.  When I recovered the dr. called me because he needed someone to work part time while another girl was off on maternity leave.  I jumped at the opportunity and that was the beginning of my addiction.  I think that addicts need to stay as far away from the medical field as possible (just my opinion).  To me it is like a drunk managing a bar.  It won't work in the end.
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I am a nurse so yes...i am around drugs every day, but i dont dispense them taknk goodness...althought the thought has never crossed my mind to try and steal a patients pain meds...just dont think i would ever do that...I guess i could if i wanted to.. and i did not even consider treatment as it would be reported to the board of nursing...sad but true..i have to work and it does jeopardize ur job in my state
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I'm in the medical field and I don't see the pills in my face all day but I can call it the pills to the pharmacy and yes that is a big problem, but I just have to be very careful
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