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workout wrong during detox?

hi everyone my husband is on day 8 detoxing from his meds and he is hurting bad. I told him it is good for him to go excersise based on what i have been reading on tthis forum so 2 days ago he went and played basketball. Now keep in mind that he got addicted to his pills b/c he has had to back surgeries and he has metal, screws, and rods that hold up his back together. Now he is in a lot of pain, was that a bad idea?
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Could have been hun. It is MILD exercise.... I hope he is ok. Also remember that his disease is screaming at him to take a pill..or three....so take that into account also. Tell him to take some advil and use a heating pad.
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I am so sorry to hear that, but yes i think basketball is a bit to much for him....Do what Ibkleen said , and hopefully he will be feeling better soon..
Good luck'
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I would only suggest short walks and not fast pace or anything, maybe you could walk with him if that is possible. But, i would let him recover from the basketball incident first. OUCH!!! Hope he feels better. Definately Motrin or something. Also try the instant strap on heating pads, these things work really. Or even metholatum rubs such as icyhot and etc.... Good Luck!
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Only mild exercise.  I went into my basement on day 1 of hydro w/d and hit my weights hard, like I had never missed a beat.  Of course, I wasn't as strong which made me mad, and  I forced the  issue harder.  Was sore as hell for 5 days.  Plus add all the other w/d issues and the first week of detox was hell.  Feeling much better now on day 9, but don't be silly and force anything.  It will only backfire.
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How are you doing? I haven't seen you on here in a while. Has hubby come home or is he still at his moms? How are you holding up? You can PM me if you want.....take care

Sorry to hear he got a little too strenuous today...motrin and heat should help.
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day 10. For me, played volleyball tonight the third game I felt it.  I think he should do what he can. He will know. I also bought treadmill, having trouble putting it together.  Do not take antidepressants. The will exhaust u.  Dont don't. They have no proof ur ceratonin or dopemien levels r damaged from abuse its nothing but a theory. They cannot measure them.  U go on depressants u stay on them. Was he on pills or depressants when he play in the snow when he was a child was he on pills or meds when n if u had children. Have him do his dtox maybe a week no more on Xanax during day n lunasta at night. pills  r not natural do not compare them to advil.  People on site r very smart on what to take n not to take. Fuk it get off everthing take natural supplements. Exercise him.  Get him to live.  This site saved me.  Now i feel they need to b saved. This is my third day off all the sh-t the docs wanted me on. I am finally feeling alive. This is no joke. Get off everything as soon as possible. Dont believe meds can help everthing. Get him moving.  God did not make meds. The health care system did. The sooner the people on this site realize this the sooner the will live. Do u want to take ur pain killers n taper then down n take ur antidepressants, n write on this forum, all day n night. I had a tough day on sunday u all helped me but again I was on prescribed meds. Three days off those meds for detoxing n iam near 100.  And ibkleen nancy Reagan is right just say no.  
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Hi...I started exercising on the 3rd day after quitting but I definitly wasn't playing any team sports.  Exercising was a discovery period...how much can I do without messing myself up.  I love cardio so I started on the ellipitcal, bike, stairmaster and went slow...just to check it out.  I then did slow coordinated weight training...again, I controlled and listened to my body.  I'm on day 9 now and I have a routine based on my discovery period; team sports are out for about 3 months except golf :-)...I usually play at least once a week.  Exercise is great but I don't feel I'm at my best to jump into a game...I love BB, softball, used to love racquetball (before I fractured my knee) but all that has to wait until I build my health back up 6-12 weeks.  One more thing...I live on the beach so I take my board and out at least 2-3 times a week...part of my life and this is meditation for me....I think that helps as well..


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Thank u all for all the great advice, i'll make sure i will keep him away from playing basketbabll for a while.I am happy he made it through day nine today!
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Day 9, wow he is doing great ! Is he still at his mothers ?  Remember the really hard work comes now.  Staying clean is the tuff part.  I found that out the hard way.  Tell him congrat's on day 9.     Mary
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