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xanax / dalmane / celexa / alcohol

Has anyone had any experience with any of the combinations listed? (xanax, dalmane, celexa, alcohol)How do they make you feel? Are they deadly? Should they be prescribed together? I'm not the taker of these but love someone who is. I often pick up these prescriptions. I know this person drinks every night,takes extra xanax and their speech becomes slurred. This person only weighs about 120 pounds. How worried should I be?                    Please give any info you have.
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Mixing alcohol and drugs is a deadly combination.  I have known 2 people who have died from mixing drugs and alcohol.  One was my husband, who mixed alcohol and heroin--he overdosed, I walked in and found him and this was TERRIBLE!!!  It took  me a LONG time to get over this.  The second person I know was at a party and drinking and taking valiums--she died that night at the party--everyone thought she was just passed out.  Xanax is a benzodiazapine just like valium is.  You know the pill bottles where they have the picture of the sleepy eyes that says, "DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL?"  They don't list this warning just to **** with your head.

The two people I have known who died from mixing drugs/alcohol never counted that it would be their last high---I guarantee you that.  
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Thank you for answering my question, everything that I have read about xanax and alcohol says the combonation can be lethal. This person says they tell their doctor that they drink. But how could a doctor keep prescribing these meds if they know the truth? I know that dalmane and xanax are in the same drug catergory. Doesn't the doctor? This family member says she knows what she's doing and how much can be taken and drank safely. The last prescription I saw was wellbutrin. How does this figure in? All the presciptions are written by the same doctor. They used to have dosages on the prescriptions, now more and more they just say AS NEEDED! And the alcohol to make the pills work
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You know, I don't know the person you are talking about who is taking the pills with alcohol, but my gut instinct says that
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Sorry--I accidentally hit enter.  Here's my whole lovely response.  You know, I don't know the person you are talking about who is taking the pills with alcohol, but my gut instinct says THIS PERSON IS LYING TO YOU.  There is NO WAY a legitimate doctor would keep prescribing xanax and dalmane (both benzos) to someone who is admittedly drinking.  
When you are mixing alcohol and other depressants you do not know the exact effect, therefore it is a BAD idea to mix them at all.  The fact that he slurs his words is not a sign that he/she knows what he/she is doing.  It is inherent in a addict to lie about drugs--it is just about a given.  So OF  COURSE the person is going to say it is kosher with his doc.  If his doc did that and he OD's, then that might make a mighty pretty lawsuit.  No doctor worth anything would risk that.
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In comment to your 8/29/02 question about xanax and alchol, I just took my 19 year old daughter to detox from this combination.  This is a child you would never believe to be an addict, but I have just learned that she is a pro at lying in order to cover her addiction.  There is nothing worse than watching someone you love go thru withdrawls.  Xanax is a very addictive drug and a lot of people are even crushing this and snorting it.  My daughter thought her withdrawls were from cocaine use, but the withdrawls from xanax and alchol are much worse and that is what she is suffering from.  My daughter said she begain useing at the age of 13 and if it hadn't been for her starting nurseing school and needing to get sober for that, I would still not have known about her additions and she probably would have ended up dead.  She didn't think she had a problem and could quit useing and be fine.  Thursday she was detoxing so bad that if she hadn't sought help she would have gotten a fix.  This is very serious, please don't ignore it no matter how much this person tells you they know what their doing or that they won't end up like my daughter, because they get to a point where they can't control it and it doesn't take long to get there.  Good luck to you.
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i know from experience that xanax and alcohol is a pretty common combination amongst people my age, (college students).  a lot of kids take xanax at parties to get messed up. the alcohol is then used to enhance the effects of the xanax. the first time i took a xanax i was hooked. i started taking it almost every day, if i could find it, and having a few drinks to increase the high. I then came in contact with the worst feeling in the world, NOT BEING ABLE TO GET A HOLD OF ANY XANAX. i then realized how addicting it was. anyway, if this so called person is slurring her words everynight, and also drinking every night than she has a serious problem, taking EXTRA xanax, and all those other pills while drinking will be the death of her. and she's only 120 pounds!!!!!!!! after a night of slurred words ask her if she remembers anything from the night before. most likely she won't because the combination of these, and i know from experience, will cause her to blackout. she's probably blacking out everynight and doesn't even realize it because she is an ADDICT!!!!! get this chick some help before she kills herself...............
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