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xanax question

I have been c/t for 7 days and having a real problem with my nerves.i take a clonapin in the afternoon and it helps alot.i havent had a appetite either and it seems to help with that too.problem is i cant get anymore clonapin but i have access to zanax.Does anyone out there take it and does it help?is it highly addictive?I would just like some info out of experiences.Thanx Bruce
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Xanax will calm you down and it is a benzo like valium. I would only take the prescribed amount and it should help you sleep too. Sorry you are feeling so lousy today. I am sure other people can give you some advice on xanax. I have taken it and I find it the same as valium. Don't overdue because it is addictive and don't drink on it. I would look up your other med on the net and make sure there is no interaction with it.
Good luck and feel better.
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it depends on the strength of the xanax they come anywhere from .25mg to 2 mg. so what strength are they? i have taken them before by rx. yes they are addicting, but if you use them for short term you should be ok. i find they are alot stronger then what you were taking. so i wouldnt recommend driving or anything until you know how they will affect you. they made me sleep like a baby and what i prefer in the benzo family when going thru w/d's. if you have any other questions, just let me know.

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Hi  xanax works just like Valium. The difference is xanax doesn't last as long as Valium it's half life is shorter. They are both in the benzo family and are used for muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety meds. They both help calm you down and are used for w/ds from opiates. My doctor has me on Valium to help me with w/ds. Any benzo is very addictive so be careful and talk to your doctor about it.

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Hi Tink! I hope all is well with you.I am posting you back regarding the xanax.the ones i am geting are 1mg.Ijust need something for my nerves.It's been 7 days c/t off 80 mg hydro daily.i was really hoping it would be over by now.maybe a few more days.I hope.the mental and depression is still there and the cravings are worse i think.I have played with opoids off and on for years.tapered and c/t lots of times.but this time is different.it is alot harder and the symptoms are lasting longer and more intense.Icame so close today to taking a few norco.but my wife talked me out of it.thank god!are xanax ok to take during the day or they a sleep med?Thanx for your time.God Bless
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Klonipin works the same as xanax but the dosing is different.  Both are benzos.  I take klonipin or ativan (lorazepam) for my anxiety - klonipin has a longer half life so it usually helps the anxiety for a longer period of time.
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taking xanax during the day all depends on the person. i had them presribed to me to take 3 times a day. i didnt cause they knock me out, but my boyfriend can take one and go to work, they just make him calm. if you have to function during the day, take it at night 1st and see how they affect you. also like i said they range from.25mg to 2mg, so if yours are 1mg you can always take 1/2 a pill. if you never took them before, 1/2 (equal .5 mg) should be plenty for you.  

Good for you for not taking the Norco, give yourself a pat on the back (if you have the energy :)  i currently have a rx for valium and wish it was xanax, for  me i sleep alot better on the xanax. regardless try it at night just in case they do knock you out. but i know many ppl who take them and function at work, etc. w/ no sleepyness.

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thanx for the info.you are a great help to all of us.
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Hey my name is Rosie,  have experence wth xanax and taking perks, vikes...i was recently in a major car  accdent and was taking pain killers pre accdent so when  left the hospital they started gving me xanax as an anti depressant and honestly  feal it has helped me greatly...at frst i hated it because it put me to sleep everytme i took it but as  got used to it, it was my saving grace...only problem is that its just as perks or vikes...and i  found when i tried stopping it was actually worse or as bad as detoxing from the other stuff infact worse. I actually ended up n the hospital believng i could just stop using xanax when i ran out i had a panic attack and went into a ceisure which  was unaware was even a possibility until my husband came home from the gym and i had a complete nervous breakdown...my advce to you is that their both equally addictive  they say once  get over the first 3 days that your over the worst of it but i honestly seee that as a joke....when  was getting off the vikes i was luckily able to fnd street methadone  to help me detox. Problem is your going from the vikes making you more speedy and the xanax calms u down relaxes you so your going from a high to low and anythig like that you need to do gradually....Eitherway i feal trapped and hate having to rely on things other than my own body to wake up in the morning what i wouldmt give for a magic spell to make this all dissapear from my life....unless you feal lke you have the will power to stop everything on your own you wll just continue feeding a beast before it spirals out of control....i speak from experience..the only option i was left with in the end was getting on a methadone clinic which is very hard in itself to get on a clinic and than your stuck on what they like to call liquid hand cuffs
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I would try very hard to get more clonidine before taking a benzo, once I was past acute WDs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like you're in danger of trading one addiction for another similar one.
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Hey Bruce, I've been taking xanax and it really works!! Don't worry all the ******** u hear as long as u take it the way the doc says to take it it's absolutely fine!!

Xanax IS addictive the body gets used to it without u realising but that's also fine your doctor will tell u how to get off it slowly and gradually without any side affects...

I am talking from real experience not just ******** I've read on the net!!

My cousin is a doctor and has a lot of experience about anxiety and depression.

Another good thing to do is see a psychologist it really helps as long as you are open with them they can really make u feel good and give u confidence..

I am currently taking 150mg of Zoloft daily which I think is the best drug for anxiety/depression according to my cousin and other specialists I've spoken to. I took xanax for a few months just till the Zoloft kicked in properly them my cousins weaned me off the xanax

I'm only taking Zoloft now to correct the chemical imbalance in the brain which is the cause of anxiety/depression and I've been off xanax for 8 months and I feel great!!!

Zoloft is a long term medication but it works!! Not overnight.. But it works and is very very affective!!

The only thing with Zoloft is when u first start taking it u feel like crap but only for maximum one week by then ur body would of gotten used to it thus taking xanax and Zoloft together at the start is a good idea because xanax stops u feeling like crap for that first week of taking Zoloft...

Once you and  your doc think that you have gotten over the illness and ready to wean off the Zoloft then that's what will happen..

Anxiety is an illness just like any other illness and just like other illnesses u overcome with the right medication and or therapy!! Only difference is that with anxiety it takes a lot of time and patients!! It takes longer to recover..

Another thing is that Zoloft there is no side affects after u hav gotten used to them and Zoloft does not interfere with any other medication!! It does not harm u and its the way to go!!

I just wish that so many people put so many negative posts about xanax and ZOLOFT!!


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